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Thread: SE Fly-in to Florida Seafood Festival (KAAF)

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    SE Fly-in to Florida Seafood Festival (KAAF)

    I have posted on the calendar another fly-in for Nov. 4 & 5 for the Florida Seafood Festival ( This is Florida's oldest maritime event. We will not be having any events at the airport as the festival is a full two days. This is the same weekend as Gaston's so you will have to make a choice. For those that can't make it there please try to make it here. Invite non-Bac members also to introduce them to BAC.

    I am checking on hotels. So far some of the B&B downtown are booked. The Gibson Inn has been booked by an single group for the last 20 yrs in a row. Will try to find other locations. Go to and put in AAF then click on hotels. Book while you can....


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    Sounds good Doug. Here's wishing you the best of weather in Florida for the weekend.


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