Joe - I don't know what the Madras tips are like but on my C24 with factory
tips the stall is only noticeable by altitude drop - no pitch or roll - it's
almost not noticeable and I'm sure now yours is the same. The only change I
know of in using the Madras tips is a reduction in stall speed and some
claim a very slight increase in airspeed.

Ed Fitchett

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> sorry, I don't mean to waste your time here, I see that you list Madras
wing tips. Did you fly the plane before the tips were put on? If so, what
cruise, and stall characteristics changed with them.
> I had a set on my A23-24 that were put on incorrectly and lined up to
badly out of rig ailerons. I put the ratty old factory hoerner style tips
back on and fixxed the rigging. I havn't tried stalls since, but with the
tips on I noticed a violent poweroff stall, with huge pitch changes, and
power on, the plane was flying sideways despite full rudder. My instructor
had pity on my and didn't make me break the power on stall. I knew it would
have spiralled.
> Long story short, I'm trying to decide if I want to glass over the holes
in the Madras tips and reinstall them. The STC says that I have to lose
125lbs of usefull load, so I wonder if there is a benifit over the Hoerner
style tips. Some insight on the actual changes the tips make would be
appreciated. Good luck with your sale.
> Joe Ashment
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