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Thread: FBO-style wall map

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    FBO-style wall map

    Iíve got a large, wall-sized chart/map of the US that I want to use to
    recreate one of those FBO wall maps with the string you stretch out to get
    distances from your location to other places across the country.

    Like the FBO maps Iíve seen, Iíll draw a horizontal scale along the latitude
    line nearest my location (~40į), ticking off longitudinal distance
    increments (like 50NM, 100NM, 150NM, 200NM, etc.). Before I write on the
    map, I thought Iíd check with others about laying it out correctly.

    If I were on the equator, my horizontal scale (west to east) would put each
    minute of longitude at 1 NM and therefore each degree (60 minutes) at 60NM.

    Iím nearest the 40th parallel, so if I mark my scale along that latitude
    line, I figured each degree this far north of the equator is ~46NM.

    [cos of 40į =.766] * 60NM = 45.96NM (assuming a perfect sphere)

    Does this sound right or does anyone know a better way?


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    You're overthinking the problem. A degree of longitude decreases as, I suppose, te cosine of latitude, but a degree of **latitude** is always 60 NM! Just measure your distance vertically and transfer them to the horizontal scale.

    Craig MacCallum
    Sierra N525SB
    Montclair NJ

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