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    Taxi lights

    I'm a bit puzzled, Paul, by the reference to a right wing landing light. Normally the left (Pilot's side) wing has the dual lights (standard landing bulb and optional taxi bulb), while the right wing has only the optional taxi bulb. The stock wiring matches this layout. I haven't yet seen one of our planes that has been pre-wired for a landing light in the right wing; only the taxi light wiring is there (or sometimes there).

    I'm sure that a landing light could be added to the right side, via a 337. It would require more than just running another wire from the landing light circuit. The circuit would need to be analyzed to confirm that the breaker and bus wiring, and switch, are of an adequate rating. The landing lights are normally 250 Watts, versus the 100 Watts for the standard taxi bulbs. Adding a second landing bulb would bring the circuit load up to near 36 amps rather than 18 (at 14V), or 18 amps rather than 9 amps (at 28V). It's a substantial increase in electrical load.

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    My Plane has 2 taxi lights, R and L. It has one landing light on R side. Can I add another landing light to left side? Was there wiring usually placed there by factory? Hey, It's an empty hole! I figure it might be nice with some new low wattage high output bulb.
    Paul Sierra N3864Y

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    During my annual inspection I was sure to check to see if the factory did in deed run the spare wire for the addition of a taxi light and sure enough they did. Now my problem is that someone used that wire to wire up wing tip strobe lights. So now I am no farther ahead. I would be interested to know if anyone has successfully run new wires through the wing and how did you do it
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    Yes, by de-riveting the flapwell skin. Not pretty, but it was necessary, had to replace a broken pitot hose, but wasn't smart enough to lay in that extra wire at the time.
    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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    It was non-trivial, but got my AOA probe to the point that the wingtip was a clear shot. See this thread:
    Nick Boland
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