I don't believe I properly thanked you (and, of course, the two lovely
ladies) for the incredible job you did on BAC Fest.

I have organized conventions and such myself, so I can truly appreciate
the Augean task it can be. You did magnificently well. From the smooth
reception at Beech Field (Are they truly nostalgic for the type? Or are
you that good a salesman?), to the tours, transportation, hotel,
banquet, well...WOW!

Oh, I am sure that the rest of the Board all contributed their
specialties to the event. But you were the man on the ground. I, we all,
had a terrific time and I want you to know we appreciate it.

Seems these days I am only completely alive when I am flying or around
airplanes and pilots. I got a good dose that week and it seems to have
restored a couple years of life that were abraded off by job and stress.
(Heck, I was even philosophical when your Wichita TSA folks sent my
luggage to Sacramento! Well, mostly philosophical.)

Thanks again,
Steve Cote
Springfield, MA
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