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Thread: AOPA Calendar

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    AOPA Calendar

    I just found out that AOPA members can list events on the AOPA calendar. You log in and then go to the Calendar section. From there you can figure out how to list something.

    Just a neat little FYI!


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    At least in theory, the Gaston's event will show up in the AOPA Calendar within 72 hours, and Jay will have his next 15 minutes of fame.

    Nice find on this capability. Free advertising for BAC, too. Any AOPA-BAC member who is organizing a BAC Fly-in event, that is at least three weeks out, can submit an entry.

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    You can do it from the calendar at the end of AOPA's weekly e-mail newsletter too. We've had some BAC events on the AOPA calendar before. Good post. I'm not sure how many folks were aware of it.

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    speaking of Gastons... The Calendar event for Gastons has now been modified to include the official website for Gastons...


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    BAC Fest 2006 was on the AOPA calendar

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