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Thread: Napa Fly-in Updates

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    Napa Fly-in Updates

    We had a great first day with the early arrivals!

    It was a little windy in the bay area today, but the winds decreased as the day moved on.

    The day started early with an email from Chirs Linderman saying that he was on his way, but by public transportation rather than his Sierra. While it was a clear windy day in California, freezing rain existed for the first 100-200 miles of his intended route from Utah. He and wife would be arriving mid-day via Delta and Sacramento.

    Thom Smith and wife were the first flying participants to arrive around noon time. Pictures are in the photo section. Not long after, Richard Kutzner arrived as well (his aircraft is in the photo section too). Thom made good time with tailwinds from Oregon and Richard worked a little harder from Bakersfield.

    All assembled at our house for late afternoon happy hour and dinner. Ken Vineburg drove over from Vacaville and joined us. He will fly over tomorrow to join in the events. The party broke up a little after 10:00 pm.

    Some winery tours are planned for the morning and mid-day tomorrow and all will assemble at the airport sometime after 2:00 pm for tomorrow's activities.

    We will keep you posted. Still not too late to show up tomorrow.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Fantastic job for the Napa/Southwestern Regional Fly In! Beautiful set up, great location, tremendous cooperation from the airport & FBO and finally an outstanding turn-out!

    Well done, Dan, and thanks to your lovely bride too!


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    Napa Fly-in Updates

    We had a great Saturday. I may have to count again, but I think we had 9 aircraft and two additional members who arrived by other means. Pictures of today's activities will be posted in the next few minutes and I will try to follow with more sometime tomorrow.

    I greeted two aircraft arrivals on Friday. Thom Smith and Richard Kutzner and wives were the early arrivals. Chris & LeeAnn Linderman flew in on Delta, and Ken Vineburg drove over for dinner with us.

    On getting to the airport this morning a Sierra was parked in our flight line. Steve Frieson and wife Mary had arrived a little later than planned on Friday afternoon due to a smalll alternator problem that had to be fixed enroute.

    Starting later this morning more arrivals began. Not sure of the order, but Ron Sellers, Michael Samak, Mike Peace, Ken Vineburg, Kim Hatfield, Perfecto Bahena and Joseph Ashment all arrived by air. Some of the above brought wives, their own I think. Tom McGinley drove over from Santa Rosa.

    We hung out at near the aircraft, looked under the cowling, talked about instrument panels and swapped stories. We had wine and cheese, soft drinks and even a shady place to sit or stand. We even managed to get the BAC banner up and a group shot.

    We retired to the airport conference room just a little behind schedule and had a great presentation from Chris Linderman of the Beechcraft Factory tour at BAC Fest and some nice pictures and discussion about the Power Flow products.

    Mike Rellihan called us and we did 45 mintues with Mike over a speaker phone. While I have traded emails with Mike, I have never had the pleaseure of sitting down and talking to him for any length of time. Those of you who have, know that besides having a wealth of knowledge about our aircraft, he has a talented way of presenting the information. Mike is able to frame the response so that you not only understand the concept, but you also know why certain things occured in the first place.

    Thank you again Mike for being there for us. You made some personal connections today on the left coast and with members from both the Southwest and Northwest Regions and that is ultimately good for the BAC organization.

    We had door prizes enough that we drew every name in the hat, threw the names back in and drew many more on a second pass.

    We retired across the the terminal at Jonesy's for dinner and I think we were 20 sitting at two tables.

    There are many people to thank for helping to make this all happen. Let me start with the one who did the most work, my wife Adrianne. She pretty much organized and prepared the food for the Friday night dinner. She was there everytime I called on the cell phone today when I needed something else to be delivered to the airport. She hustled the chairs, the wine and cheese and soft drinks out to the airport. She took many of the pictures that will be posted on the BAC site. She is not in the group photo because she took the picture.

    Chris Linderman was great with direct help and much encouragement. LeeAnne was great, thanks again for the help getting dinner set-up.

    I also want to thank all of those who flew in or contributed in various ways. Richard Krutzner donated a CD player for the drawings. The northwest participants flew down from northeastern Oregon and Portland to augment our group. I hope that we can return the favor when they put something on.

    All the Southwest members who took time to fly here from as far away as Southern California to Utah and as near as a ten minute flight. If you drew a 500-600 nm radius from Napa, our attendees covered much of it flying in and back.

    While it was an ejoyable experience putting on the event, in the end I came away with more than I put in. New friends in many locations, more knowledge, a stronger connection to this activity we enjoy so much and a face to the BAC group. How cool is that!!

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    We had an absolute blast! Kudos to you and Adrianne for throwing quite the fly-in party. Mary appreciated the welcome to the world of the flying spouse, though she's still a work in progress about feeling completely comfortable in the right seat. For me, it was great meeting fellow mouseketeers on the left coast - I hope to see some of you at the AOPA expo in November!

    Be well and fly safe

    Steven and Mary Frieson

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    Hello all,

    I cannot add much to the kudos, except to agree completely. Dan and Adrianne you were perfect hosts, and the entire group helped add to the knowledge and just plane (plane... good one huh) fun of the event. It was a wonderful day and evening.

    Pam and I continue to enjoy this beautiful part of the Bay, what a beautiful place!

    You all have a very safe trip home tomorrow, and thank you all, it was truly a pleasure!

    Conway (aka Mike)

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    Great show!! From A to Z..


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    So there you go! The Southwestern Region is alive and well! Good show to everyone!


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    Dan and Adrianne, We made it home safely and had a fantastic time! Thank you for all your hard work and hospitality. Did I hear something about making this an "annual event?"

    See ya next year!
    Rich and Shell Kutzner
    1472L (soon to be 6588R!)

    P.S. It was a pleasure meeting everyone at the show as well!

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    One more round of thanks and congratulations to you and Adrianne. This has to be the Fly-In by which all others are measured. Can't wait to do it again, but you have to make sure you order the same weather. Flying back this morning, you could see Mt Ranier from Mt Shasta.

    Ron Sellers

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    what a treat!!

    The fly-in was great. It was super meeting everyone, and always nice to talk flying! Many times you can go to events and feel strange becuase you don't know anyone, but this weekend just seemed relaxed. Special thanks to Dan and Adrianne (sorry if I'm not spelling your name correctly)for hosting the event..your thoughtful planning and effort didn't go unnoticed!! Even my wife had a blast, drinking wine at the Bounty Hunter with her new-found friends. You couldn't believe my surprise when Bernadette (wife) asked me something about some conference in Palm Springs (AOPA), and could we go so she could team up with the other wives! .... I don't think she has plans to sit in the engine-failure seminar.....

    See you all next year!!
    Ken & Bernadette Vineburg

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