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Thread: AOPA Expo

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    AOPA Expo

    Who is going to the Palms Springs for the AOPA Expo? If you are going, where are you planning to land and stay? Perhaps, if there are enough of us,we could have a bit of a get together, maybe even a hospitality room.

    Lemme know!

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    Pam had so much fun (so did I) with everyone including Steve and Mary (our SoCal friends) that I think she wants to go to the AOPA event in Palm Springs to see her new friends. We have made no exact plans yet, but we are thinking we will go.

    Conway (aka Mike)

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    I understand that Steve and Mary are gong to be there and Dan Jonas plans to attend as well. I am going to be there, hopefully in our Sierra this time. Maybe this will turn into something.

    Anyone else coming to the Expo? Commercially or privately?


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    I might fly my Sierra in from Hayward for Friday only. I've registered for the exposition only. It's gotta be VFR for me though.

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    I have a room for Friday night and Saturday. Weather permitting, we plan to arrive late Friday afternoon and depart early Sunday morning. Hope to see some BAC'ers there!

    Chris L.

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    We plan on going on the or drive.

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    Great, Jeanne! I look forward to meeting you. Maybe those of us that attend can meet for breakfast or something. My wife and I are going to be at the Hilton Garden Inn which has limited amenities but as we get closer maybe I can get something together.

    CalifDan, if you come, bring the SW banner!

    Looking forward to it!

    Chris L.

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    Hi Chris, et. al.

    Mary and I will likely drive, as we will be traveling with my hangar-mate and CFII instructor (yes, the little yellow bus. We will all have on our helmets!)

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    My plan is to arrive on Wednesday and leave on Sunday. The plan is to fly down, but if weather looks like a problem, I will be driving. Adrianne is flying in commercially on Saturday morning, so she won't get to much of the show.

    I will bring the banner.

    Does anyone have any information about aircraft parking, best airport to fly into, etc. What about rental cars?

    I would like to find a way to make sure I get a chance to meet any BAC members who are attending. Since I will be there all three days, I should be able to do it.

    Any logistical information is appreciated.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Hi Chris, Steve, Mike, Dan, this is Mike Peace. I will be going to Palm Springs too. I will arrive on saturday on a commercial airline, too far to fly down in the Beech Sport..... 794.8 miles too far.Happy Flying until we meet again.

    Mike peace

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