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Thread: [musketeermail] Plane Power lightweight Alternator

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    [musketeermail] Plane Power lightweight Alternator

    I have been installing the new Plane Power alternators since July, and courtesy of Linda and Steve Klodd, the owners of Plane Power, those wanting a discount on a brand new alternator, not a rebuild of a who KNOWS how old Ford core, you can contact Plane Power, and tell them you read about the AL12-F60 on Musketeer Mail, and buy one for $350 plus shipping. This is only about $20 more than Kelly Aerospace gets for rebuilt Ford DOFF10300J units, and you have to turn in the $100 core alternator to Kelly to be rebuilt.

    Several Musketeer models use the AL12-P70, a replacement for the Prestolite alternators Beech used. (ALE-8105, ALE-8460) These are similarly priced, and available.

    With the Plane Power unit, you get to keep (or sell on Ebay?) the core, and you save about 1.1 pounds and get an alternator based on the popular NipponDenso design used on Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, etc.

    You probably know how rugged those Asian alternators are. You drive the vehicle 200,000 miles and then think about putting a $10 set of brushes in them.

    The kits come with complete instructions/drawings (2 copies!) and are FAA-PMA approved for our applications. It does require an Airframe rating to sign off the paper work, but there is nothing overly difficult about the installation. Those without split nose bowls will have to pull the prop, but you'd have to do that to replace the belt or service the old alternator anyway.

    Plane Power, Ltd.
    346 Howard Clemmons Rd.
    Granbury, Texas 76048
    Toll Free 877.934.5700
    Phone 817.573.5700
    Fax 817.573.5716

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

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    Plane Power lightweight Alternator

    I spoke to Linda at Plane Power yesterday afternoon. She said that
    between BAC and Musketeermail we need to make an initial purchase of
    10 units to get the "club price". Don't know who is going to compile
    the list but I'm interested (as soon as I Pull the covers and
    determine which unit is on my plane). They seem like nice people.

    Bob Palamara
    '72 Sierra 6707L

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    What follows is the complete text of the note I sent to Plane Power (following Bob's MML posting), and their response. I had previously put the potential applicability in an FAQ on BAC, when the PP alternators were introduced.

    I personally don't have time to try to compile a list of members willing to buy ten alternators right now. I've been through this before, with the PFS exhaust list, the wheel pants list, and the Hartwell door handle list. If some other member can pursue this for BAC, that would be great.

    The odds are pretty low that ten people will each buy $350-$400 alternators right now, that they don't need right now, in order to save $50 sometime in the future. Despite the advantage of maintaining a spare alternator on hand (as I do, having had two alternator failures, both in IMC).

    I can't personally afford to tie up another $4,000 in more stock; I am already well behind the curve on thousands of dollars in parts that I have stocked up for BAC members (when I have stumbled on some things we will need). And I'm not sure it makes financial sense for BAC to tie up the money either, with no return on the investment for members (not much opportunity for a small mark-up to compensate for lost interest). It would be different if PP was offering more like a 25% FBO discount, instead of 10%.

    Here is the note exchange, as I have carried out with many vendors in hopes of obtaining BAC discounts for fellow members:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Linda Klodd []
    Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 4:10 PM
    Cc: Steve Klodd
    Subject: Plane Power Pricing for Clubs

    Hello Mike,
    My name is Linda and I am the sales/office manager here at Plane Power and I will address your concerns. I apologize for the no response, but would now like to answer your concerns.

    Awhile back we have implemented a policy for clubs, and that policy is and initial order of 10 alternators, whether it's the AL12-P70, club priced at $440.00 or the AL12-F60, club priced at $350.00, but I need 10 and after that initial order we will continue to sell to BAC at these prices, unless a price increase comes along and we would then notify you at that time.

    Please contact me at 877-934-5700 or email me at for any further questions.

    Greetings to Steve Klodd, from Mike Rellihan at the Beech Aero Club;

    Bob Steward (MusketeerMail, BD Owners, and Beech Aero Club) just published an MML posting on the Plane Power alternators, advising of a discounted price of $350 for the most common alternator product used on the Beech Models 19/23/24.

    I published a write-up for your products on the Beech Aero Club website, when you first made them available. I sent in my usual request for a Beech Aero Club member discount, as with all the vendors we deal with on behalf of our membership.

    BAC ( was formed in July of 2004, for the Beech models 19/23/24 (Musketeer, Sport, Super, Sundowner, and Sierra retract); the Model 76 (Duchess twin), and the Model 77 (Skipper trainer). These planes had never before had a real Type Club, and now they do. We have been very successful in attracting both owner/pilots and PMA’d/STC’d parts providers. We are just hitting 500 current paid members, with almost 1,000 registrants. The numbers keep growing, despite aircraft sales and lost medicals. We have members world-wide; 20 in Canada, 8 in Australia, several in Europe, etc. Our most recent member is in South Africa; the one before him was in Malaysia. As one example, if you do a Google search on ‘Beech parts’, you will see my name and the BAC appear on Page One of the hit list, due to my parts sales to Club members. That illustrates how many hits our website gets, from both within and outside of the Club.

    When you initially rolled out your products, I sent an email to Plane Power inquiring about a discount for BAC club members, in exchange for a free listing and write-up for Plane Power (and your products) on our Product Discounts web page (members only). Unfortunately I received no response, including to a follow-up note that I sent. As described in my previous notes, we have a provision on our website for vendor verification of membership status. You click on that link, enter the member number from the order, and the name that returns should match the name on the credit card used for ordering. This helps our preferred, discounting vendors protect their standard pricing.

    I would like to get you added to our Product Discounts page as a preferred parts provider for alternators and conversion kits. Can you please confirm what our club member discount will be? I am reluctant to post anything based on Bob’s note, until I have direct confirmation from you.

    Thanks, from Mike Rellihan, R&A Services, Beech Aero Club Technical And
    Parts Support

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    I just talked with Plane-Power, and they have never heard of Beech Aero Club, nor do they have us on their list for "Club Pricing."

    Has anyone worked with them recently that could pass along a name to contact?

    N24TD MA-132, 1967 Musketeer Super III
    Lyc IO-360-A2B

    Summer 2016 - CleoBen has taken off or landed in each of these states plus EISG in County Sligo, Ireland

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    I've spoken to Plane Power fairly recently and I don't think they sell directly to owners. I've put a Plane Power alternator on each of my three Beeches and always got them from Spruce.
    Cloyd Van Hook
    Founder and First President of BAC

    States visited (though not necessarily landed in) by N2393L (AKA Minnie), N9227S (AKA Annie) and N26TM (AKA Mary) while I've owned and flown the aforementioned aircraft.

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