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Thread: Drooped Wing Tips

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    Drooped Wing Tips

    Hi Everyone... I'm looking for 'drooped' wing tips for my wonderful
    A23-19, a/w/a the other plastic parts needed to complete the exterior,
    any information or leads would be appreciated, thanks, George

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    Drooped Wing Tips

    The drooped tips were manufactured by Ace Demers of Madras Air Service, Madras Oregon. Ace is no longer in business and I don't think alive. The tips are not available new, so the only source is the used parts suppliers if they have any. Queries to the family about manufacturing them per the STC indicate that they have no interest. As far as I know noone is persuing purchasing the STC.

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    Drooped Tips vs/ VGs

    HI all -

    From what I have heard from our member that was the Guinea Pig, Vortex Generators do a better job, and ARE STD for our aircraft.

    I land short enough now with the basic airplane - don't want to get into anywhere very short and/or high anyway, but some do and are doing it with stock planes.

    Any comments?

    I like quality over quantity, as long as there's enough of it.

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    The vortex generators may be a better option. Do you give up any useful load with them?

    I can tell you you give up about 120# with the Madras tips.


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    The vortex generators have no impact on gross or empty weight. They will lower your stall speeds significantly, and lower the approach speed to 60 kts, which leads to very short landing distances.

    They are somewhat of a nuisance when washing the plane. A small price to pay for the performance advantages they offer.

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