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Thread: Uplink Weather & Approach Plates

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    Uplink Weather & Approach Plates

    I have been using the Navair system for two years and it has served me
    quite well. My subscription is up for renewal and I am looking at my
    options again and the Anywhere Map/WX system seems to be progressing at
    a faster rate. I have spoken to their sales and tech support people and
    all seem eager to assist me. Is anyone using the weather system or
    pocket plate system? How accurate are the approach plates if coupled to
    your GPS, and how readable is the screen?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Bob Palamara


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    i use the pocket plates on an HP 4700. the screen is small but they have a good zoom function that moves you around the plate with ease. i do not couple to the gps since i have a 430. what i do is print the plates i expect to need from the pocket plates. i then have the HP with me in case something happens and i have an unplanned landing.

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