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Thread: NorthWest Fly-in Activity coming up!

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    NorthWest Fly-in Activity coming up!

    Hi all -

    I have THREE updates for the NorthWest Musketeers fly-in activities...

    I found this info @ Flyguides ( (the folks that make the great
    little Brown Airport Guides.)

    THE FIRST ANNUAL - BEECHDAY! Yup - you heard it here first!

    June 4: Beech Day -
    Vista Field (S9, Kennewick, WA - phone 509-582-3222 (Chet Gauntt)
    All Beechcraft, all models, all years. Fly-in & BBQ.

    This is sponsored by Chet Gauntt, member of the Bonanza Society of America, but
    we won't hold that against him. He's a REAL Beech-nut!

    Chet has recently built a new hanger at Vista and wants all the Beech family
    folks to drop in and check it out. He has his, his son's and another friend's
    Bonanzas, a Beech Staggerwing, and a Beech 18 lined up, and heard that the Beech
    Dealer in Portland will be bringing up a new Bonanza (and maybe a Beechjet or two?)

    When I told him we would probably have about 50 Musketeer (Beech Aero Center)
    planes there, he was VERY excited! First he'd heard of us (not the last, though
    - what with the free food, and all....)

    Vista Field is home to the Bogert folks, and I'll bet they will be there
    demonstrating their great products (Right Cindy?)

    We will be unfurling our Beech Aero Club banner for the very first time over there.

    So - consider this the NW Beech Aero Club Region Activity #1 - be there or be square!

    Chet sez, if some of those brand C or P or M or brand some-other-kind show up -
    all are welcome!

    (There will be special Musketeer - Beach Aero Club prizes - sorry, you Bonanza

    Mrs. Gauntt askes that we give them an approximate RSVP (hey - doesn't that mean
    Refreshments Served Very Promptly?) so she can get plenty of burgers - knowing
    how talking airplane talk makes folks hungry!

    BTW, Vista is right next to the HUGE Columbia Center shopping area (region -
    country?) with every kind of store. If folks need transport, let me know.

    More details as I get 'em.

    If the wx might keep the 'wet siders' from coming up the river to dry out their
    planes in the bright east-side sunshine...


    Glen Fuqua (wideglide on BAC) sent this one: Willamette Aviation is having a fly
    in BBQ on June 4th (durn same date!) @ Aurora airport (KUAO), south of Portland,
    one hop over from my destination airport for the (yet to be scheduled) BAC fly-in
    @ Newberg Sportsman Airpark (2S6) (thanks Glen for helping on this one!) If you
    haven't tried landing at Sportsman, drop over for a T&G! Better yet, buy gas
    from the cute little blue and red restored truck!

    Also, keep your calendar open July 6-10 for the big Arlington EAA Fly-In.

    Ray Griffin (flyingarchitect on BAC) may be able to help us get a spot there
    (he's in Vancouver, BC - but much closer than I am from here.)

    Gary Percy has worked this big event in the past, but he says he is 'laying kinda
    low' right now. He's still out there, though. Here's his website:

    Maybe sign on and leave a message - he'd like to hear from all you'all!

    Lots of good info there about Arlington!

    Check Flyguides for lots of other fly-in information:

    It's time to fly - and I am heading for YAKIMA (YKM) and a stop on the way back
    at Vista to say howdy to Chet right now!

    CU Up there!

    Bill Howard
    1973 Sport 150
    Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director
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    Weather permitting , it is an interesting destination and I look forward to the possibility of attending.

    FYI - will be flying one of those " others " the P. model

    Cheers ,


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