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    Supeior is playing with an XP-400 which reportedly puts out 220HP in
    naturally aspirated form. Experimental only unfortunately. The
    adnatage here is that the beast would bolt right up to where a IO-360.

    Actually, a 220 HP engine would be just about ideal for these
    airplanes. I have thought about the SMA, but I believe they are
    about 150 pounds heavier than even a IO-360. This would require a
    counterweight in the tail (near the horz stab) of about 45 pounds.
    I'm NOT sure that the structure is dynamically stable with a 50 pound
    weight that far aft. It might start inducing structural flutter at
    our speeds...

    The search continues...anyone hear what's happening at Innodyne?

    --- In, Bob Steward <n76lima@...> wrote:
    > >Does anyone know if there has ever been a 225 hp mod done to a
    > >sundowner.If so please let me know any details if possible.
    Thanks to
    > >the group in
    > >advance.
    > >Nick(1926L)
    > What engine would THAT be?
    > Don't know of any 4 cylinder 225 HP engines. They are all 6
    cylinder, at
    > least. Considering the forward CG of the 4 cylinder engines, I'd
    > wondering what kind of problems would be caused by hanging the
    > 75-100# of a 6 cylinder off the nose?
    > Now an Allison C20 Turbine would be a cool conversion. Of course
    > ENGINE costs more than any Musketeer series single in existence...
    > Bob Steward A&P IA
    > Birmingham, AL

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    There is always "wishful thinking". 225 hp would be nice. I wish our line had constant speed props.

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    Prop and power for Sundowners

    MT-Propellers offers an electric variable pitch and I think it is also a constant speed prop for the Grumman Tiger. Not cheap, but it sure looks cool on the Tiger. I assume there is some improvement in T/O climb performance. Also, the Power Flow Systems exhaust is now available. I don't see why anyone with a Lyc powered Musketeer would pass up 20+ hp (if that is what they really net) for just $4K. Just a fraction of the cost of installing a Sierra engine on a Sundowner, even if there WAS an STC. I think the combination of the two would make the Sundowner a screamer, at least off the ground and up to flight levels. I am praying that PFS offers the exhaust system for the Sierra it the near future. Of course, I'll have to stand behind Mike R to get one.

    So, why don't one of you Sundowner owners contact MT-propellers? I did.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    The only STC listed was for the A36TC / B36TC

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