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Thread: Baha California Anyone?

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    Baha California Anyone?

    The Bahamas sounds like a blast! But wow, it's a long way from California... Which started me thinking about heading south-of-the-Boarder from the Left coast! Does anyone have experience flying down into Mexico?

    Lots of info here:

    This place looked fun too, private landing strip, big house and price is right.

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    We used to have a member that lived down there. I think he's since sold his Mouse and I think dropped out of BAC. If someone can remember his name we should have his last address.

    I bet Tim Flight remembers who I'm talking about. Thinke he had a continental powered bird.

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    It was Allen Mason but our records still show an address down in Mexico.

    I think he moved back up to the states.

    Maybe someone will see this and know how to contact Allen.

    He'd probably be willing to help.


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    I spent some time in Mexico (6 years) and it is pretty user friendly place to fly into. There is some expenses, but not much. A place that is a popular fly in this time of year though May is Rocky Point (Puerta Penasco). They have a wide variety of places to stay on the beach. The airport is a port of entry and I believe they have fuel now. I was planning to check it out as it's only an hour or so from 57AZ by Sierra. If there are people interested in this, I'll do some research and report.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    When flying to Mexico (or anywhere South of the Border) Baja Bush Pilots ( is an invaluable organization to belong to as a resource.

    Membership is $49/yr and includes benefits similar to BAC including discounted Mexican Liability Insurance, hotel and resort discounts at BBP associate members, and full access to the web site including forums and good, current information on things like airport conditions, fuel availability, etc.

    Like AOPA, BBP actively lobbies for the interests of their members doing what they can especially on the South side of the Border, to keep flying affordable and easier. They've had many successes with DGAC in preventing, undoing or mitigating some of the more painful things that come down from Mexico City.

    For $120 you can get their adventure kit which includes the 1st years membership, their excellent loose leaf bound Mexican Airports guide, the Mexican WAC of your choice, one more darn hat, and some other useful references (see;prevstart=.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgooderum
    When flying to Mexico .....
    Membership is $49/yr and includes benefits similar to BAC......

    For $120 you can get their adventure kit ......
    I think a "fly-down" is a fantastic idea but I had to chuckle as I saw Gooderum posting membership fees and costs for adventure kits, all reasonable I'm sure, but with this group.....ROTFLOL!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist!

    But, seriously, I would definitely be interested in a trip to Mexico. I was interested in the Bahama trip but as was pointed out, it's a long way from the west. I have done it once from Salt Lake City to Marsh Harbour and it was a blast.

    Great idea Hifiguy! Why don't you head things up to get the ball rolling!?!

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    I've never flown down into Mexico, which is kind of hard to believe with as long as I have been flying around here. I have acquaintances who have done so and others who do it regularly, so working out the issues should not be too hard.

    I'm happy to have HiFfiguy take the lead and perhaps Chris and I can try to feed in whatever information we can dig up. Let me know what I can do to help otherwise.

    I would be looking for a fairly inproved strip for the Duchess. I'm not really interested in risking it to a rough landing strip.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    The organizer for the 2005 whale watching trip was Carl Foster. I was very interested in going, but couldn't make it and did the Alaska trip instead. I even bought the insurance rider!

    I still have copies of all his emails if anyone is interested. He had flown the trip several times and knew the procedures. If he is still around (I think he moved to a Cherokee Six), he would be a great asset.

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    HiFiGuy! This one sounds interesting.. especially to a SanDiego born and raised couple displaced into FRIGID North east Oregon. We travelled this area frequently in the 70s and 80s, and love the culture and know it to be a friendly place. If you want culture, look no further. I would want to know more about the strip (thx Dan for taking the flak) and such. The area to the north ... like Scammon's Lagoon, LaBufadora and others offer absolutely fantastic SCUBA adventures, and east to Mulege and La Paz also great rainforest adventures. I would seriously consider at trip outta the cold to ol Mexico if I knew a little more!! May even pick up sme friends in IB on the way. We will watch this thread for sure!

    How's the Instrument going? Lovin that new Sierra (Oh yeah.. and that so new baby).. Sell the old one? (plane .... not baby)

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    Flying in Mexico can be a blast, but it's also not 100% like flying up here. Besides the regulatory bits (customs, insurance, no night VFR) the usual assumptions about things like runway condition and fuel availability don't apply. Baja in particular is can be pretty weak in this area.

    There are very few airports in the middle of Baja and AvGas availability is poor. Part of the problem is administrative - in Mexico the public airports are run by DGAC and the smaller ones have very little administrative autonomy. They get a budget to buy fuel and most of the money they take in goes back to Mexico City. They generally have limited ability to buy additional fuel on their own authority even if they have the $$ or the revenue forecast is above plan.

    Staying farther north closer to the border it's a little less of an issue, but often it can be a bit dicey working out a route for a 400-500nm range bird that gets you all the way to La Paz or Cabo. In particular San Felipe is often out of AvGas and is pretty much an essential gateway airport to the penninsula proper if you want to avoid a long overwater leg crossing the Sea of Cortez.

    On the flip side there are some great fly in destinations including a few that are almost exclusively served by air, what passes for "road" access in some of these places is marginal at best.

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