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Thread: Cloud Nine Restaurant - Big Sandy

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    Cloud Nine Restaurant - Big Sandy

    This Saturday, December 16 is the last posted fly-in for the year. Big Sandy Regional Airport (K22) in Prestonsburg, KY has Cloud Nine restaurant waiting on us to arrive! Free lunch for all BAC members. Hope to see several of you along with Digger and me. Just wait till you see the Clouds and Sunshine dessert! We plan to arrive between 11:00 and 11:30. See you there.

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    Sure wish I could go. But I'll be spending the weekend putting Sunny B's legs back on, so he can take us to Florida for Christmas next week.

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    Wx should be great. Hope we have a good turnout. If you have never been to K22, this one of the friendliest FBO's around, and as Brad mentioned, the food is very good. Hope we have some Mid-Atlantic members show up, besides, lunch is on Brad(BAC) for members!!!

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    I hope to attend my first event since I got my Sundowner flying. Hope to see you there.

    Mike Hippensteel

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    Look forward to seeing you there Mike. We have several spouses coming if anyone else is so inclined to bring theirs along.

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    What a beautiful day to fly today! 4 BAC planes made it to Big Sandy bringing Mike and Janelle Hippensteel (Pennsylvania), Dan and Ann Kirby (Ohio), Gary and Debbie Boyce (West Virginia) and Brad and Ann Mitchell (Kentucky). Counting non-BACers, we had 7 planes and 16 people total. Food and hospitality at Cloud Nine restaurant were tops! Thanks to all who attended. We'll definitely keep K22 on our list of fly-ins for next year.

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    I couldn't agree more. It was a great day to be a pilot. I never touched the controls the whole way home! We will be back to K22. What a great place! Thanks again.

    Mike Hippensteel

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