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    BAC Voting

    Hey there BAC Members,
    Today (Friday) is the LAST day to vote for BAC Officers. The web site says we only have had about a 30% turnout. I don't know how that breaks out by region but in any case, that is pretty low.
    In the Southeast Region, we have two great owner/pilots running for the Director's position - get out and vote one of them in. The other Regions have great candidates too - I'm just a little partial to the Southeast and would like our members to exercise their voting say. In any case, cast your votes.
    Blue Skies,
    BAC SE Region Director

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    I wonder how often members actually log into the site. I do so almost daily, but there certainly aren't a regular group of 500 posting to the forums. I suspect that the 30% turnout might closely follow the average percentage of those who log in during any two week to one month period.

    Maybe next year it would make some sense to send out a couple of emails to all the members reminding them to log in and vote. It would be even better if those emails could include a direct link to the appropriate voting web page.

    Do we keep track of the times and frequency of individual member log-ins?

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Dan, I know that the last time a person actually types in their username and password to log in is tracked but not every time they access the site. I believe an e-mail was sent to all members at the start of the electrion process with a link to the voting page (of course I don't still have mine) but I am pretty sure it was sent.

    Dave B

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    Tim posted the election notice on December 6.

    Since and including that date 274 BAC members have logged onto the website.

    298 members have logged in since December 1.

    340 members have logged in since this time last month.

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    We've been posting news items about the election on the homepage for almost three months now. On Sept 27 we announced the upcoming election. On November 15 another notice was posted. The election dates are also in the calendar.

    On December 6 the polls were opened, and an email was sent out to all paid members as of that date. The email did include a direct link to the ballot.

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    Thanks for the summary and the hard work, Tim! You do a fantastic job and we are all in your debt.


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    Thank you all for the information and follow-up to my question. I don't recall the email, but then it may well have been diverted into the junk folder. I'll check to make sure that future diversions are avioided.

    It is nice to know that in any given month many to most members are checking in.


    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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