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Thread: Carrie Nation - clean bill of health Annual

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    Carrie Nation - clean bill of health Annual

    Hi All -

    Just retrieved N1927W - Carrie Nation from her latest Annual. I had Ben Tuttle at Tuttle Aviation at Kennewick Vista Field (S9 do it so that the prospective buyer could have a different person looking - plus Stan (Stan Holm at Blue Ridge Aviation - ALW) - who's been doing all the work until now is very busy and just didn't have the time this year.

    Ben found no new items of note (Congrats Stan,) EXCEPT -

    The #3 Cylinder short stack was completely separated from the flange at the exhaust port! This is a separate piece on each cylinder - a tube about 10" long - with the mating flange welded or braized to the end.

    This turned out to be a pretty cheap part - $125 from Acorn Welding up in Canada. This leak site has GOT to have caused some of the wierd mixture issues I've experienced over the period. Also, maybe some of the excess CO readings, too?

    Ben also tried to get some shine in the paint - but there's just NO shine left in that 33 yr old paint!

    Ben's instructor brought Carrie over to Pasco (PSC) for the IFR/Transponder/Encoder cert at Interavionics. That's where the prospective buyer came to take a look.

    Not sure what she expected, with all the info I've posted on here and all the Pix I sent her, but Carrie 'wasn't up to her expectations.' Something about the glare shield not being shiny enough??

    Interavionics did a great job and immediately found the Altimeter to be out of tolerance - and wouldn't you guess? The old one wasn't TSO'd and the rebuild folks wouldn't take it as a core!!!

    That's TWO new altimeters in both my planes this year - Merry Christmas!

    Flew Carrie home and with good mixtures now showing on all 4 cyls, I was light (800 fpm on climbout just at freezing,) and indicating 115 mph at 3,500 with the throttle pulled back slightly.

    I tried WOT for a few seconds, and pulled a clean 2,800 - that's about 50 RPM more than before, but, I WAS light!

    Did I mention I've personally lost 8 gallons? No sugar, no flower. MEAT!

    After I brought the tanks back to 20 gallons each, I took Ann up for some Walla Walla Valley time - she's been 'without' since our trip to Reno Veteran's weekend. Climbout at that weight - 450 fpm.

    ANYWAY - Carrie's still for sale to somebody that will appreciate how far she (and I) have come since she came home with me June of 2003.

    Even with all the time she's been in the shop, we've flown her 151.4 hrs!

    Come and get her! How about it Mick?

    Bill Howard
    I like quality over quantity, as long as there's enough of it.

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    Interesting Bill, June of 2003? I brought my Musketeer home in May of 2003. Small 'airspace' I guess.

    Mechanically mine was really solid and quite reliable. Everything in it was very, very original (read old). So, of course, I pretty much flew first and asked questions later. Most of the bigger mainenance items I am looking at doing this next year (and perhaps the year after also).

    Since May of 2003, I've done right around 232 hours.


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