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Thread: Frayed centering cable

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    Frayed centering cable

    The co pilot side centering cable on my a23-24 is frayed and will need
    replacement is there a stock beech part or will my mechanic be able tyo
    fabricate one . If it sa specialty part does anyone know the # and a
    source Thanks charles

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    Any decent A&P should be able to easily fabricate this part. Spruce sells all the more common types of cable and associated hardware. You won't want to buy one from Beech, even if they have it in stock (which they don't).

    There is also another option. Spruce fabricates cables, as does Wag-Aero. You CANNOT just call them and ask them to make you the cable based on the Beech part number. They cannot legally do that, and will have to refuse to make it. But you CAN just send it to them, after calling them for confirmation that they have the parts available based on your description (NOT a Beech part number or application), and simply tell them you want a new cable made just like the old one. They will not ask the application, but if they do, you just mention it is for a personal design. When you receive back the duplicated part, you can install it as a legal 'Owner-Produced Part'. You can read much more about this in the BAC Downloads.

    NOTE 1: If anyone has an old fixed-gear nose steering cable they can send me for measurements, I sure would appreciate it. I could also use a retract cable, but the fixed-gear cable is the more immediate interest.

    NOTE 2: An often-overlooked task during the new cable installation is tying the two cable eyes together at the spring hook, using standard .032 safety wire. This is specified in the CMM, but is often overlooked. If missed, it can result in one of the eyes coming off the spring, on the 'slack side'. When this occurs, you will either find yourself having to steer harder in one direction on the ground; and having to hold 10-15 pounds of rudder force in flight. You may also get a swerve at touchdown, if the nosewheel is cocked to one side. That's because the spring is now pulling the nose gear to the still-connected side.

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    I have an old centering cable that is frayed. Maybe you can use it. It's not in the best of shape. Funny you should talk about safetying the cable eyes. The exact thing just happened to me a few weeks ago. I couldn't understand why I was using so much right rudder. After landing and inspecting the nose gear, I found the cable disconnected from the spring. I reconnected it and tied it together with .032 wire. No problems since. Let me know if you want the old cable.

    Mike Hippensteel A&P

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    Yes, please, Mike; send me that old cable.
    Michael Rellihan
    R&A Services
    1793 Poole Town Road
    Laurens, SC 29360

    I will reimburse you on shipping or give yo a purchase credit, whichever you prefer. No big rush on the cable; we will be gone about a week, starting tomorrow..

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