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Thread: Raytheon/Beech sold for $3.3Billion

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    Raytheon/Beech sold for $3.3Billion

    From an AvWeb Alert today:

    Onex Corp. announced this morning that it is joining with GS Capital
    Partners, an affiliate of Goldman Sachs, to acquire Wichita-based
    Raytheon Aircraft Company for $3.3 billion. The deal will be completed
    by Hawker Beechcraft Corp., a newly formed joint venture between Onex
    and GS Capital Partners. The equity investment of approximately$1.06
    billion will be split equally between Onex and GS Capital Partners,
    with Onex's share of the investment to be made by Onex Partners, a
    large-cap private equity fund. Onex's investment is expected to be
    approximately $212 million. The deal is expected to be completed by
    mid-2007, pending regulatory approvals. "We believe strongly in the
    future growth of the business aviation sector, as new demand in Europe
    and Asia adds to strength in North America," said Onex Managing
    Director Nigel Wright.

    --Bob Steward A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

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    Wonder what this will do for the support of our aircraft??? Will the parts supply get cheaper or more competative or more expensive?? I know that we are a long forgotten class of aircraft by Beech, but does this actually mean a chance at redemption with respect to support and availability of technical information????

    Thoughts anyone???

    M. Spencer

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    Raytheon/Beech sold for $3.3Billion

    Subject: [musketeermail] Raytheon/Beech sold for $3.3Billion

    Onex is from Toronto. A few years ago they were the money behind a bid to buy Air Canada. So maybe they like the aviation field.
    They like to buy good companies and make them better. Onex is Gerald Swartz. His wife owns Indigo Books,a huge bookstore group in Toronto.
    Ray Griffin

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