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    I accepted a deposit on the sport and soon to go find a A36. Can this group recommend a List for Bonanza's -- As I wind up being a B19 Owner... Thanks for all your support and information, the last couple years owning a sport has been great!

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    Try this one,

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    Dale Jester (IXD)

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    The Beech Owners List recommended by Dale is a good one for Baron-Bonanza owners. I had tried to send it to you, but when I exercised the links, all the ones I had on file were 'broken'. They have evidently changed their URLs since I unsubscribed from that list a few years back.

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    FYI - Since this was posted through MM and Rob isn't a member of BAC anymore he won't see these messages here.

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    Bonanza in Aransas

    I was down at Aransas County Airport yesterday and saw a flyer for a '51 for just under $40k, maybe a bit light on avionics, 7000TT and about 960 on the engine. It might be worth investigating and I seem to remember that it was actually located around Corpus Christi.....salt water....yechhhhhhhhhhhh, but might be worth a little investigation.

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    Might want to read some of the posts on Bonanza versus Sierra, before looking for a Bonanza. Especially an old Bonanza. Some of our members have owned both.

    Sounds like Rob jumped ship from BAC a little too soon, if he's asking questions but missing these contributions. Not much posting action on MML anymore.

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