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    Myrtle Beach

    Hi Folks,

    At the Rough River fly-in this fall, some of the folks were talking about a Myrtle Beach trip sometime in October? Does anyone know the dates and/or details?

    Just trying to get started on the 2007 vacation calendar.


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    Rodney - There should be an "official" announcement with all details coming very soon, but for date planning October 17 - 21.

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    That's a mear 1349.6 nm from klam to kmyr great circle. Following airways it's only about 1418.1. What an adventure that would be!!! Maybe I'll have to take some time off and try it. I might even get into the running for the PC. Ha Ha...

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    You should consider flight planning to KCRE in North Myrtle Beach. It has a nice FBO and doesn't have the commercial traffic of Myrtle Beach International.


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    CRE will be the closest airport to the hotel and we plan to use CRE as site for some of the BAC Fest events. Plan on flying in there.


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    Whoever is selecting the BAC Fest 2007 hotel site, please let us know whether they will accept well-trained pets. If they don't, we'll need to search around for some other nearby lodging, as was the case in Wichita.

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    North Myrtle Beach Rentals

    Give me the dates and your requirements and I can put you in touch with a couple of rental managers that handle condos, houses and group houses here at the beach (including some that will take well mannered pets and less well mannered people). If the club wants I'll give links to their web sites here.


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