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Thread: need an a&p to annual a sundowner on long island

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    need an a&p to annual a sundowner on long island

    Hi members joined this weekend. only last week I entered into a partnership with a friend that owned a 1966 sundowner, 2 years ago the eng, lost oil psi in flight and was only 12 lbs. when he landed. last Sunday I took the eng. out, inspection found a cylinder that a piston cap broke and aluminum dust enterd the eng. the airplane set outside uncovered for 20 months. the eng. is being rebuilt at this time. my friend is an a&p but have no experience in sundowners I need a good a&p in long island area to perform the annual. help please...

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    Hello and welcome to BAC.

    If you look in the 'Technical' menu near the top center of the Site you will see a page for 'A&P and CFI List'. In there are recommendations other members have made.

    I see there is an A&P listed in Lincoln Park, NJ which doesn't look too far from you. A link to that listing is below.

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