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Thread: Baja Fly-in

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    Baja Fly-in

    There has been some discussion going on behind the scenes between the Southwest Region and Gary Cavasos of the South Central Region and a few of our members.

    Gary apparently does an annual trip to Baja and it is coming up in early March. He was nice enough to forward detailed information to me regarding the trip itinerary and useful information to make it work.

    I want to find out if there is sufficient interest and motivation to organize a Baja trip jointly sponsored by the South Central (Gary's region) and the Southwest Region. Gary does not mind if others tag along, or make arrangements to be in the same place (Hotel Serenidad, Mulege). It looks to be about 500nm south of San Diego.

    I there appears to be some interest, even by a few, we will do what we can to get the information out to all and make it a fly-in. Gary, maybe you could comment on the specific dates.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Hey Dan!
    Rich K (hifyguy) has given me the heads up on this one. Mulege is indeed worth travellling to. Been there numerous times. First real "rain forest" area as you go south. Great people. I didn't know there was a strip there, but it looks like a well kept packed earth airstrip. If the timing is right, and my workload slow, count my wife and I in.

    Guess its time to break down and get a passport.

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    Get busy on that passport just in case. We will get the dates from Gary, but I think it is early to mid-March that he was talking about. I would like to go, but have not made the decision yet. I do not think my wife can get the time off.

    Anyone else?

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Hi All, Thanks for posting this Dan. Shell and I really want to go, and we are getting our passports next week. I know there are expediting services out there if need be. Shell wants to know what kind of weather can be expected? (I see some sort of shopping spree coming.) This trip sounds like a grand adventure!

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    I would expect that March weather in Baja would be ideal...not to hot yet and not in the middle of winter.

    Gary is going out of Tucson, and maybe that is an option for all of us. We need to decide is we want to follow his itenirary, which includes a side-trip apparently over to the Pacific side of Baja. My inclination would be to just stay in Mulege and relax.

    I'm going to have to plan out the trip and find out how much we add, if any by going through Tucson. We need to think about reservations down there too. Not sure how easy that might be.

    I'll fire Gary off an email.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Sounds like a lot of fun. If we have some people who've never been out of the country before (but have always wanted to), this might be your opportunity to learn how to do it from those who've done it many times.

    If I could make it I know I would! Maybe someday.


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    WHo wants to go?

    If we can put more than a few of us together, this will be worth posting as a fly-in. We know Gary is going. What about Rich and Thom? I'm thinking about it. One or two more would be great. Whatever we do, we need to make reservations to make sure there is room.

    What say all?

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Doesn't matter 'how few' or 'how many'. Post it as a BAC Fly-In!

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    Baja Trip


    My plan is to leave from Tucson on March 8th, fly down to either Guymas or Obregon for customs check and fuel. Fly across the Sea of Cortez and get a room at Hotel Serenidad. The next morning fly across to the pacific side to a place called San Ignacio to pet whales with an outfit called Baja Ecotours. You need reservations for that as well. Fly back to Hotel Serenidad that afternoon and relax until Sunday. Sometimes we fly down to Loreto for fuel and to check out of Mexico the day before and spend the night in Loreto. Fly back from there to Tucson to enter customs at Tucson Int. I will see about a complete itinerary as the time gets closer but that is the plan as of right now. Three things to remember and get now, customs sticker $25.00, Passport, and Mexican insurance.

    Gary Cavasos

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    Thanks Gary.

    I have posted it as a fly-in. I want to make this a no-work effort for you to the exptent possible, so the Southwest group will coordinate any participants. We will be recommending that anyone who wants to go who has not done so before strongly consider joining you in Tucson for the flight down.

    If you could post pertinent information here, that would be usefull.


    Dan Jonas

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