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Thread: request for advisories

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    request for advisories

    I'm taking the month of February off and plan to fly my '83 Sundowner
    from Springfield, VT to Toronto, Del Rio, Texas, San Francisco, Lake
    Tahoe, CA, Orlando, FLa, then back to Vermont.

    I'll appreciate any and all "heads up" concerning routes, points of
    intended landing, MEA's etc.

    Larry Perry
    '83 Sundowner N65503

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    Be sure to contact me here in TO

    Current wx is freezing (level at ground zero) rain ~ light far. Vehicle is all iced up & only broke the pax handle trying to get in.

    Have a bit of an ice scraping job..ahead of me.

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    If you can make a fuel stop at 34A (Laurens, SC), I'd love to say Hello, and take you to lunch. Sounds like a great trip on its way!

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth sjcote's Avatar
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    Springfield, Massachusetts

    request for advisories

    Hey Larry,

    Way to go! (I am, of course, jealous as all get out.)

    Please keep us up to date on your trip.

    Steve Cote


    Springfield, MA

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    Napa Valley


    I am not sure where you plan to park for the San Francisco visit, but Napa (KAPC) is an hours drive away and there are rental cars at the airport. I'll buy lunch if you want to stop by. Nice big runways, approaches, and usually good weather. Besides, you aren't coming to San Francisco without seeing the wine country are you?

    Also, we will take a picture of you with the Southwest Region banner and post it in the photo section.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley
    Southwest RD

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    On your way out West, and if you haven't seen it, I'd drop in at Grand Canyon (GCN) and take a jeep tour. Check it out first, some roads are closed for the winter. Dress warm, it is definately winter now as this morning in Phoenix we saw 23 deg F.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    I can meet you somewhere in the Southeast when you head to FL. I am based at KCSG on the way. There are some great places down South so let me know when you get close and we can plan a meeting. You can also use to help find those airports on the way.


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    A nice convenient place to land when going to San Francisco is Hayward Executive HWD. It is right under the approach path for Oakland and has an ILS approach if you need it. You can park your plane, walk across the street, check into a Hotel, than use their BART transportation system to cover the whole San Francisco area. Fast and cheap. If you pass through the Phoenix area let me know and we will see if we can get together.

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    request for advisories

    I have flown into some of the destinations :

    Toronto: I've flown in there once.We used the airport right opposite down
    town on an island ( Like Meigs was in Chicago),by far the handiest place for a tie-down for a Toronto visit,right below the Stadium and CN Tower.A small ferry about a block long transports you right to the city.

    San Francisco: I landed at SFX once, but it is pretty hairy to land at,in
    between 747's in my case,and being urged to "keep speed up,land long and expedite". I would suggest Halfmoon Bay just over the hill to the West.

    Lake Tahoe: I've been in there twice with my Sierra,and found it no problem. The airport is at the south end of the lake,runway is north=south and both times I took off over the Lake. The Lake is gorgeous from the air.
    Ray Griffin
    '74 Sierra C-GTTW

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    For Texas to the Bay Area route options are many and will probably require flexibility for weather. It's an El Nino year which means more IFR in California than normal, especially Southern Cal. You'll have to decide whether to go north or south of the Edwards/China Lake range complexes. The middle route really doesn't buy much for your SE to NW flight path. Farther north via Las Vegas, NV can be pretty but is generally going to be a VFR only route accross the Sierras due to MEAs. If IFR you're probably best South - the MEAs on the airways via the Palmdale VOR are plenty doable for our birds. Friendliest terrain is up the Central Valley, but check for "Tule Fog" - that can lock you out of vast chunks of the Central Valley due to visabilities. If that's an issue then up the Coastal Range has workable MEAs if not particularly friendly terrain with some decent approaches and fuel options at places like SLO that should put you in range of the Bay Area.

    For the Bay Area LVK is a nice option, especially if you're doing the trip VFR. Lots more days of VFR than "over the hill". On-field Enterprise, several nice, new affordable hotels along 580 in both Livermore and Pleasanton and 5 minutes from Dublin/Pleasanton BART. ILS ending at a nice big runway helps too.

    For Bay Area to Tahoe the easiest/best route is IFR (I follow Roads) along I-80. Terrain over Donner Pass is quite a bit lower than farther South. We flew into Tahoe a lot and developed a preference for Reno over Truckee. Better car and cheaper hotels, some nice FBOs (we used Sierra which has Avis) and better approach and crosswind runway options. Main issue is mid-day to late afternoon Reno can get too windy for safe light aircraft ops (25-30G++ is not uncommon). But the winds are reliably light up to lunch and die quickly as the sun gets low. If coming past Truckee expect to be vectored up around past Reno-Stead and land 25 if winds are typical. Finally beware that your trans Sierra route will probably need to be VFR, most of the MEAs are out of reach of our little mice unless you cross way south or north.

    Beware the tower has closed at South Tahoe and it's now an uncontrolled field and the airport is closed at night.

    Space Coast (Orlando) is an interesting area - beware and check frequently for launch related TFRs at KSC. If you're more interested in staying by the ocean than giving your hard earned cash to the rat Space Coast Regional (Titusville) is a great field with spectacular views of KSC, Meritt Island is a nice small strip, and Melbourne isn't bad either.

    Doesn't look like your route takes you past MN, but you're always welcome.

    Look over the "Destinations" forum at - there's a lot of great posts about many of the destinations on your list and it's a good place to ask location specific questions from a wider audience.

    Good luck.

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