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Thread: Need nosewheel reshim /mechanic near New York city(1968 a23-

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    Need nosewheel reshim /mechanic near New York city(1968 a23-

    sorry about a repost my mechanic informed me that the nosewheel needs a
    reshim and the trailing link bushing is worn. He further stated that
    the shimmy damper is OK.I am looking for a Beech friendly mechanic who
    can tackle this job hopefully in the NY area . Would anyone know
    someone and the approximate costs and downtime for this . I am hoping
    to make my a23-24 shimmy free . thanks all Chas

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    If worst comes to worst, you can ship it (nose gear) to me for re-work. You can contact member CITATIONBRAVO for a reference. I prefer to have the whole plane, so I can more closely match the pivot bearing fit. Otherwise I am dependent on your measurements (with a caliper), at four points around the bearing mount hole in the engine mount, to get the best bearing fit. I seem to recall that I was able to get Nick's within .003" for him. He also opted for the powder-coating process, and new AECI donuts, so his nose gear was almost like new when it went back to him. His did need a new donut stack tube, which is a bit uncommon, and the replacement of a missing stack tube abrasion washer.

    My work does include all new hardware if you opt for the powder-coating; even the cork inside the axle is new. It does, however, take a couple of weeks from start to finish, if you need parts machining, and if you select the powder-coating.

    Please note that if someone wants a retract nose gear repaired, they can send me the trunnion with gear attached. That makes it very easy for me to get an ideal fit in the pivot bearing.

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    Mike does awesome work...........My nosegear never looked so good....I'm so happy I'm thinking of having Mike do my mains...Any questions do not hesitate too contact me....Nick

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    When you refer to powder coating, do you mean the nose gear leg was powder coated? I was considering having my nose gear powder coated and wanted to know how it holds up to the abuse of prop wash and the pull bar attach area. Thanks.

    Mike Hippensteel

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    Yes, the nose gear upper housing, fork, and compressor assembly was powder-coated, as RAC has performed on their new assemblies. Critical surfaces such as bushing thrust surfaces, fastener holes and shaft bores, the upper housing bearing column, axle, etc. are NOT powder-coated. Any uncoated magnesium areas are treated with Maga-Dyne conversion solution; and where appropriate, subsequently dust-coated with white primer.

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