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Thread: Jack Hardpoints

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    Jack Hardpoints


    I had these made in San Jose, CA. Mike R. said he didn't have anymore, and I guess we can no longer order them from Beech. I had to pay over $240 for the machining and the material. Modern Machine in San Jose would like to know if there is any demand for these?

    I only ask as a service to you all, I am not associated with Modern Machine, and I will make nothing on the transaction. I simply know without hard points you can't replace donuts and things like that. Folks in the Bay Area can barrow mine, but if there is a demand, Ed will make a bunch and lower the price.

    I donít see how to add a picture, sorry. You can go over to and I think you can logon as guest. There is a picture in the Photo section.



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    Tony Crowe is planning to make at least twenty more of these after his Annual Inspection in February. While they will be priced higher than the previous $75 per pair, they will most likely be no more than $100 per pair, including the special short-thread screws which I include with the pads.

    RAPID has plenty of them for $303.31 each/606.62 pair; PN 169-590014. I would not suggest paying $240 to have a pair made. Cloyd has also posted that BAC owns a pair which may be 'rented', and I think he has discussed positioning a pair with each Regional Director.

    Even so, in my opinion it is a wise move for every fixed-gear owner to have a set in his or her plane, at the price we are trying to sell them for. Even very minor events can easily become very expensive major events, if there is no safe way readily at hand to get a disabled gear and wing lifted without damage. For example, when some impatient airport operator uses his forklift to get a wing up on a trailer, in order to clear a busy runway, because 'The insurance company will pay for it'. You can also do a far more effective job of lubricating the gear, if you can get the weight off of the nose and mains. Many jacks and tailstands will work fine; it is the jack pads that are airframe-specific.

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    Hey Mike,

    Thank you for keeping me honest... I guess I misunderstood. I didn't know Beech still had them either, but after market supplies would be great, and cheaper. I needed them this year as I did most of my annual (supervised by an IA of course) as you know. Everyone should have a set. Thank you for the drawings!


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    Jackstqand Adaptors

    Hi guys -

    How about grinding the leading and trailing edges so the pads can be left on all the time?

    Bill Howard
    I like quality over quantity, as long as there's enough of it.

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    Jeez, Bill. I don't know about you, but I do all that I can to get drag OFF of the airplane; not put more on it! I even made my Sierra's jack pads removable, and they are half the size of the fixed gear pads! But hey, I know you know how to use a coarse file on aluminum! But Carrie will never forgive you for sticking her with those things ful-time!

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    I posted a picture of Conway's jack hardpoints in the maintenance section of the photo area.

    Dan Jonas

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    Hey Dan,

    Thank you. I think they are a nice set, but I misunderstood Mike R., you can get them cheaper, even from Beech. Anyway, mine will do the job, so I guess it wasn't a total waste of money and time.


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    I've got a pair of Tony's original set of Jack pads, they work great - I first used them for exactly the situation Mike described - closed runway with a blown tire (about 108F at the time). Luckily KMIC has parallel runways an almost nobody was flying, but the pads made for an easy tire change.

    You can get a standard hydraulic jack under the arm to change a tire _if_ the tire is inflated, _if_ you're careful about padding and avoiding the brake nipple, and _if_ the jack is small enough - and you usually have to take the wheels off the jack. You'll not get any jack large enough to be safe under the arm if the tire is flat...

    Machining them for flight wouldn't help - they aren't a legal part. Used on the ground for maintenance it doesn't matter, in flight you need to meet one of the ways for a legal part - STC, PMA, owner produced part. The original Beech jack pads aren't streamlined - and given their mounting with the whole pad hanging off two short screws I don't think that leaving them on in flight is a good idea anyway - they take about a minute each to put on if you have a power screwdriver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rellihan
    I even made my Sierra's jack pads removable, and they are half the size of the fixed gear pads!
    I looked at my Sierra today, and noticed the bulbous jack hardpoints attached. What is involved in making them "removable?" I did not look closely at how they were attached, just that they were there.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Sierra pads are attached with structural screws and nuts, with the nuts readily accessible through the inspection plate just aft of the pad. My original A&P-IA opined that removable jack pads are accessories, and can be left off when not in use, if desired.

    If you keep them removed until needed, the three holes must be filled with slightly shorter structural screws (not standard SS truss-head screws). I have a set of maintenance pads that stay in the hangar, as well as an emergency set that stays in the plane's ditty bag (along with the spare spark plug, etc.).

    In my case, I made a flattened Z-shaped bracket holding three anchor nuts. The anchor nuts are positioned just above the spar flange, where the standard locking nuts normally bear. That makes the pads (and alternate screws) removable without the need to hold the nuts. The aft end of the Z-plate is retained by the same small rivets that hold two of the forward anchor nuts for the inspection plates. There are no added holes anywhere in the structure.

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