Hi all,

Trying to hit all possibilities to contact folks, BAC, MM, et al, to make
sure I get out the word on the Northeast Fly-In. Sorry if this is a repeat
for you.

As you may have already heard (or figured out on your own) we got skunked
again. I really hope nobody fought their way in to NJ and did not get the
word. Please contact me if you did.

We've had no snow in southern New England all winter. There was "Partly
Cloudy" forecast for today. Well, as the old joke goes, there is half an
inch of "partly cloudy" on my airplane. I could not get out of Westfield and
decided to pull the plug when 4N1 was low OVC too.

Tomorrow looks like more of the same so.that's out too. Don't know when I
can reschedule.

If you saw my earlier post, from the airport, it was pretty negative; I was
really steamed. Now, an hour or so later, well, I am still steamed. But.I
can't afford to be. There are 3 score or more Mouse Drivers in this region
who deserve better. So I have a new plan I would like to put before you all.
"A Fly-In Every Week" I'm thinking that there may be security in numbers.

I'll post it detail on both BAC and MM after I work out the details. But for
this week end, I'm sorry, my friends.

Stay safe,

Steve Cote, NERD

(That's North East Regional Director, thank you very much!! No respect.)


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