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    Garmin 250xl

    Just purchased a brand new 250xl, and plan on installing it in the next few weeks....Has anyone else purchased one of these units????? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated... I purchased it for 2100.00, and it had never been installed...It came in the original box with everthing included, and I mean EVERYTHING!!!

    I'm planning on pulling out my 760 channel kx170, and 208 indicator from the airplane....In the 170's place, I'm installing the 250xl....In the ki208's place, I'd like too purchase a used narco nav 121, and install it...Any feedback on this radio is also appreciated,.....

    Fly safe everyone...

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    Hi CB,

    Sorry I did not see your post earlier. If it is not too late to help, I installed a used Garmin 250XL in my Sierra about a year ago. I did the IFR installation myself and paid a local avionics shop to inspect it and do the faa paperwork. I mounted the antenna in the center of the roof about 18" back from the windshield. Ran the antenna cable around the interior trim of the windshield. I also copled the gps to my stec autopilot with a small stec gpss module. The combination of the gps and autopilot is a dream.

    Used it to fly to and from Sun-N-Fun. I probably held the yoke about 20 minutes in 20+ hours of flying. The small moving map display on the 250XL is not very usable but the text data is fine. I also use a tablet pc with separate antenna for a nice color moving map and for digital charts and plates. For purely navigation purposes, the 250XL is easy to use (with a little practice), you will like it. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Ed M, N5XE

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    GPS installation tip

    A tip. Avoid using the avionics master switch for power to the gps so you can take your time programming the unit on the ground with the engine off and minimal current drain. That is one change I would have made installing my 250XL. With mine, I shut off the avionics to start the engine and I loose the program if the route is not saved. When you get fast at programming it this less of an issue.

    Happy flights,


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    The 250XL is not an IFR GPS.

    The 300XL is the IFR GPS.

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    My mistake, I have a 155XL. Thanks for correcting me.


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    That was my guess, but the 155XL is GPS only (versus the 300Xl which is GPS/COM), so why kill the 170, unless it's busted anyway?

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    Anyone have experience or knowledge on fixing a 250XL screen that is starting to have blank spots (well one spot)? Wondering how much effort (read AMU's) a VFR GPS is worth these days... Thanks.
    Michael Dunlevie

    N9185S has taken me, so far...

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