I'm also planning a trip that will take me through some mountainous areas. Part of the trip will take me from San Antonio to Phoenix, and then from Phoenix back to Wisconsin, hopefully through Albuquerque. Roughly, I'm looking at San Antonio to Demming, NM (fuel stop on the way), and then SSO VOR, then staying south of the SUA into Phoenix.

On the Phoenix to ALB leg, I'm looking at Sedona, INW VOR, then heading a little south of ALB to miss some high spots, finally ALB when able.

It looks like I can get to Phoenix at 8500 MSL and to ALB at 9500 MSL. The mountain flying should happen the third week in February. I've got the routes on Voyager Free Flight (Awsome tool!) if anyone want to take a look.

I'm basically a flatlander, though I flew a Lancair 360 to Oregon from the midwest; service ceilings were not a problem in that airplane.

Any comments or suggestions?