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    I need to replace the spinner on my 1975 Sundowner. Anyone know where I
    can find one Beech won't have one for awhile. I can have mine welded
    but would perfer to replace it.

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    Here is a BAC Forum Topic that might give some alternative ideas:

    Here are what I believe to be your prop's relevant part numbers:
    Spinner Assembly - D4235-1
    Spinner only - D4245
    Aft Bulkhead - D4246
    Forward Bulkhead - D4247

    Here are some possibilities for the spinner only:

    The Spinner Man - Al Diedrich; 800-537-7494, 505-746-2477, Fax: 505-746-4304, 5401 W Richardson Ave, Artesia, NM 88210
    TRY AL FIRST (for cost reasons)

    BANYAN AIR SERVICE - 800-282-0442, 954-337-3360 (show one new one)

    AVIATION PARTS EXECU - 954-493-5088, 954-493-6599 (show one new one)

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