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Thread: New donuts and shim job almost complete

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    New donuts and shim job almost complete

    I should be getting my a23-24 back friday it is currently at SAS in
    KHFD .Eric of SAS told me the right main gear was loose and there is no
    physical or corrosion damage and the job is going smoothly .I want
    to thank Mike Rellihan and other fellow BAC and MM for all their
    insight and assistance which made this experience smooth and helped
    save significant $ in the process. By the way if you need Baby Beech
    work in the Northeast I highly recommend SAS . I cannot wait to take
    the maiden voyage!! Regards Charles

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    Trae made his first flight in his nice Super last night, on its new Donuts. He also made his first-ever landings with no landing light (on purpose). No hard hits, no bounces. No more shimmy, either. Charles, you are going to like those new donuts.

    I was surprised to hear that Trae's instructors had never had him make night landings without the landing light. He has his approach speed nailed now, with the horn going off on every touchdown. He won't be getting into any bounces.

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    I use SAS (Szegeti) at HFD as well. They also get my recommendation... Good people that take pride in their work.

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