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Thread: Which are 6 seaters..

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    Which are 6 seaters..

    My A23-24 super III has that option, I thing the Sierras do too.

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    Which are 6 seaters..

    I went through this with my Sierra a few years back.

    Note that an option for 6 seats does not mean that the plane is legal
    with them. If your plane didn't come with the spare seat in the back
    you will have to add reinforcing support in the walls, and you won't get
    the foot space at all because the baggage compartment floors were built
    differently between 4-seaters and 6-seaters. There are at least two
    owners who have done this successfully. However, even if your plane did
    originally have 6 seats, you'll still have to obtain field approval to
    install the seats, if you can find them in the first place.

    The final clincher for me was not the seat availability or the field
    approval process, but the insurance. My insurance company refused to
    even consider allowing my 200hp plane to carry more than 4 people at a
    time, as a simple matter of policy regarding weight vs. horsepower.

    Mileage may vary, as always; I'm just hoping to save someone from a long
    and potentially fruitless journey.

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    Which are 6 seaters..

    My '74 Sierra had the rear children's bench seat option,with the one bench
    seat belt,and the big size baggage door. That rear seat has the deep
    footwell,which is also handier for baggage,but would be tough to retrofit,
    but I think some Musketermail guys have done it. Max weight at that rear 5th
    and 6th seat station ,people or baggage,is 270 pounds.
    I often take 2 grandkids for a total of 6 ,and on a few occasions have taken
    1 adult back there. That feature is really handy! You need to get a
    temporary Insurance endorsement for the extra PAX . Of course,you have to
    check W& B,and reduce from full fuel accordingly ,but my trips with the rear
    seats occupied were never more than 1 1/2 hours.
    Ray Griffin, C-GTTW

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