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    aircraft cover

    Iam looking to purchase a cabin cover and I am looking for any suggestions. Are they better with or without the inner lining? What co. is good?

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    I have one made by Bruce's that has a lining and it is great. My plane is tied down outside all year long with lots of snow wind and ice and it fits nice and snug.


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    I've replied to you on the chat box. I don't know if you've recovered your plane from 34A yet but I'm due to take Minnie up there in a few weeks for donuts and just looked at your home field and my route and I'll pass over your head. Depending on my schedule and yours maybe I could stop at MVC and let you take a look at my cover if you're interested.


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    Cloyd, I appriciate your offer but I am in South Carolina 60 miles south of 34A working. Maybe I will get by and see you at Mikes hanger.

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    Just got a cover from Plane Covers, looks great and fits nice. Will have to see how it wears in a few years.

    Craig T

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    Plane cover

    I got mine (unlined?) for my Sierra from Bruce's Custom Covers, an excellent
    fit and very well made. Contact Tom Blaine (copied here) at .

    Ed Fitchett

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    aircraft cover

    I have a Bruce's Custom Cover of the snap on variety and it's a nice cover. Mine is not lined so I'm not sure if it makes any difference.

    I'd highly recommend one if you keep your plane parked outside.

    Here's their website:

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    aircraft cover

    These are the best aircraft covers i have used.


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    Plane cover

    Gentlemen, I thank you for you comments. Sincerly, TM

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    It seems that most everyone likes whatever they bought.
    My cover is from Bruce. I have had it for 6 years and it fits like a glove. My plane lives indoors in a hanger so I use the cover mainly when I travel. After a few years I talked to Bruce about upkeep and they sent me a free bottle of liquid 'stuff' to re-treat the cover.
    I am very happy with Fit, Finish, and service.

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