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Thread: Updating GPS cards

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    Updating GPS cards

    My airplane partner asked me to research this as the subject had come up
    recently at a DE meeting where a number of examiners had said that they
    would refuse to conduct a check ride unless the data card update was signed
    off by an individual holding an avionics certificate. Turns out they may be
    about half right. It does require a logbook entry by someone holding at
    least a private pilots certificate (which I had not realized) . I also
    presume the often ignored item about having a signoff that you have been
    trained in a particular maintenance procedure would also apply. I located
    this information at:

    If any of you are coming up on an instrument checkride, you might want to
    take this into consideration.


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    Need a little more information: Are you referring to a panel mounted, IFR certified unit, hand-held, or?

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    He must be talking about a panel mounted IFR certified GPS.

    I couldn't get the link to come up.

    I wonder if there's an FAR that addresses this.

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    Actually Part 43 doesn't differentiate between IFR and not - if it's panel mount and you update the database it's Prevenative maintenance under part 43 - "permanent record" and return to service by an appropriately certificated individual (A&P, Repairman or Owner/Pilot). Note that like other PM owner/pilot only applies to part 91 usage...

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    I didn't remember that being on the list of PM approved for owners but you're absolutely right.

    Here it is:

    (32) Updating self-contained, front instrument panel-mounted Air Traffic Control (ATC) navigational software data bases (excluding those of automatic flight control systems, transponders, and microwave frequency distance measuring equipment (DME)) provided no disassembly of the unit is required and pertinent instructions are provided. Prior to the unit's intended use, an operational check must be performed in accordance with applicable sections of part 91 of this chapter.

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    Dose this have to be recorded in the Aircraft Logs or can it be recorded in a seperate Avonics Log where the IFR VOR Checks are recorded. I have not been doing this on my Garmin 430 to date

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    I keep mine in a separate log. I have the database updates (I have two 430's and an MX20 to log in) and the VOR check all in one place. I do the VOR checks when I do the 28 day database updates. Keeps me within the 30 day thing all the time.

    I also keep track of my in and out engine (Tach) times and hobbs, oil and fuel usage. I have all of this, contained in one small binder that stays in the back of the passenger seat. Veyr easy for me to reach and fill in the blanks.

    Dan Jonas

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    I've been keeping them in the my Avionics Logbook, so that they are in one location. I download the update from Jeppesen, and record the date of the download and the Cycle No.

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    Not sure why 3 urls popped up when I only entered one. I did confirm that this one worked.

    It is in Plane Talk, a publication put out by the FAA and it does give the part 43 references that apply to this. Also, my opinion would be that if it is panel mounted, it applies. Hand helds, they could care less about since they are not a part of the aircraft.


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    That's interesting. Takes more of a sign off than a VOR check. VOR check only requires a signature. This requires the certificate number and kind of a certificate. So a GPS update is more like an oil change than a VOR check.

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