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Thread: Low manifold psi. and fuel flow?

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    Low manifold psi. and fuel flow?

    Good day,
    I went flying yesterday and when I was climbing out I noticed that my Manifold pressure and fuel flow were low, The manifold psi was around 11psi and the fuel flow was around 10 gallons per hour. It is usually around 25psi and 18 gallons an hour. Does anyone know what could cause this to happen or has had the same problem in the past? The airplane that I fly is a super with the 200hp fuel injection and CSP.

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    Low manifold psi. and fuel flow?

    MP is not measured in PSI. 0-30 Inches of Mercury is what the scale reads, just like Barometric Pressure. 11" of MP on the gauge is not enough to sustain flight, much less use 10 gph.

    Your instrumentation or the connecting lines are suspect. What does the MP gauge read when on the ground and the engine is off? When you crank it up and let it idle?

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

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    Low manifold psi. and fuel flow?

    I had the same problem on my MP about 6 months ago for my Super III. My problem was some minor moisture in the line between the engine and gauge. Blew the line out and solved the problem. Not sure what the cause of the low fuel flow could be. Good luck. For reference - during climb my FF per my JPI Analyzer is at about 18 GPH at full rich.

    Rick Bowe
    66 A23-24

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    I have a super 111 fuel injected 200hp CS prop ( 3 blade )
    a year ago after its annual inspection after take off fine but in
    cruise had low MFP no fuel flow.
    so I returned the plane to the engineer .
    quickly found out had crack in vacuum line betwen gauge
    and manifold . this caused the gauge to over read but was ok during
    take off but when est cruise at 25" / 25 had to decrease power
    so much couldnt hold altitude . couldnt establish the25" MFP
    either 30" or 15" this was due to air at atmospheric pressure entering
    vacuum line.


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