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    Window Trim

    The trim around my front windshield is in very bad shape (crumbling). Are the trim part numbers in the parts list and if so does anyone know what section they're in. Are the trim parts available from Beech or anyone else? Any help appreciated.

    1972 Sport MB-549

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    You can get most of the interior plastics from Vantage Plane Plastics; Their link is also on the Links page of this website. On this type of question, there is usually a great deal of information available via a BAC Search, including how to repair your existing trim.

    I think I still have one windshield trim piece in stock, for the narrower 1969 and earlier planes.

    The interior windshield trim, for the 1970-and-up airframes, is not available from Beech (or anyone else). Your specific PN is 169-534084-1. The 1970-and-later part number applicability is:

    169-534084-1: M1285-M1412, M1515, M1419, M1423, M1439, M1447; MB481-MB557; and MC002-MC190.

    169-534084-3: M1413-M1490, except M1415, M1419, M1423, M1429, and M1447; MB558-MB621; and MC143-MC190.

    169-534094-3: M1491 and later; MB622 and later; and MC191 and later.

    I suspect that Plane Plastics does not make this trim because of the variability in application. If someone has time to contact them, and to furnish a usable sample trim for a mold, you can tell them that I can furnish the applicability list (or you can copy it from this post). They are pretty good about adding parts to their inventory, when they can get a sample and the application information. I just don't have time for another project right now.

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