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Thread: Fuel Quick Drain Sticks

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    Fuel Quick Drain Sticks

    The left underwing quick drain on my 1974 Sierra has been getting
    progressively harder
    to push up to drain. A few years ago I had it serviced,and that loosened it
    up for a while. This time I plan to have a new one installed. My AME has
    never installed one in a Sierra or Musketeer,but advises that the quickdrain
    is unique to the Musketeer line,and only available from Raytheon. Is there
    any trick to replacing or installing a new one?
    Ray Griffin , 1974 B24-R C-GTTW

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    Ray, if you do a BAC search on 'fuel drain', and read the highlighted FAQ and Download document, you'll find everything you need to know.

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