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Thread: Brake Hose Mystery

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    Brake Hose Mystery

    I have a 65 A23 and I have the same problem. All the box does is house the elevator bearing, nothing important! I can't believe that anyone would design an airplane that needs this box disassembled to change the brake hose and my repair manual does not address the problem. I have a hose with frayed outer covering that I would like to change at this annual if I can figure out how.
    I plan to renew my BAC membership and see if anything is on file there.
    Willis A23

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    Hello everyone, I have a 67 A23-19 . This plane has 4 master
    cylinders, two for the pilot and two for the co-pilot. I cant seem to
    figure out how to get access to the brake hose connection which is
    inside the metal box under the instrument panel and between the pilot
    and co-pilot. This hose is from the two inboard brake pedals. The box
    is riveted on all sides, top and bottom. Any ideas would be much
    1967 A23-19

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    I can't speak with certainty regarding your particular plane. I can say that on the ones I have worked on, the hoses are just routed through the box, from one side to the other, and can be pulled through from either side. There is a clamp that can be hard to access, but it can be done.

    There are lots of variations on these planes that are not reflected in the IPC. I have no real way to know, in many cases, whether they really came that way from Beech; or whether the changes have been made somewhere along the line. As one small example, look at the fittings where the brake hoses connect to the wheel cylinders, at one of our fly-ins. You'll find some with straight fittings, some with 45-degree elbows, and some with 90-degree elbows. You may even find planes with different fittings on each side. What makes that interesting is that the IPC only lists one length of main gear brake hose for all the fixed-gear planes... and it is at least an inch too short for anything but the straight fitting (which is also the latest configuration).

    Just another small example of the FAA's misplaced trust in the accuracy of the IPC and Shop Manual; and why I can't always give a 100% correct answer to many questions!

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    Brake Hose Mystery

    Have you opened the large center bellypanel yet? It and the fuel boost
    pump cover gain lots of access to the brake system, all the way down to
    the shuttle valves.


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    Brake Hose Mystery

    I have opened the belly access plate several times. You can access the shuttle valves there but the valves are connected by a tubing that runs through the floor to a fitting on the top side for connecting the hose. You cannot access or even see the hoses from the bottom unfortunately.
    Willis, N8886M

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    Brake Hose Mystery

    The only real way to access this area is to remove the fire wall. This is a simple job and can be done with the engine frame still attached to the firewall


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    Hey everyone

    I just changed all my brake hoses today. It is a fact the only way to get to the brake hoses that go into the box is to go through the firewall. While youíre in there you might as well change the boot for the nose steering rod and while you have the firewall pulled back you might as well clean and replace the seal between the fuselage and firewall. Not too bad a job, took about 2 or 3 hours in all but my engine and mount we already removed. If anyone needs pics let me know and I'll e-mial them to you.


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    Scott, can you post the pix on BAC? Or send them to me for posting?

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    bell crank check

    If anyone removes their firewall to access hidden areas, one additional thing to check is the bell crank that the rudder pedals attach too for nose wheel steering. This piece rivets on and over the years pressure on the pedals can cause this part to become worn and loose. It is quick to fix while the fire wall is out of the way.

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