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Thread: hot start problem fixed

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    hot start problem fixed

    Hi all:
    Even though I've owned my mouse for 8 years, I was always afraid of not
    being able to get back home because of a difficult hot start.
    I went over the musketeer mail and liked the idea about a light starter.
    I had my starter replaced last week and what a pleasant surprise: It
    really works!!!
    Now I feel like I have a different plane on hot starts.
    Thank you for this very helpful tip


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    Hi Walter,

    I went through the same thing for a few years. I always opened my oil filler door so the engine could cool if I knew I would be flying off before the engine had time to thoroughly cool.

    I tried all the techniques for hot start, but when the started finally died one day (stranding me out of town, of course) I replaced it with a new high-reving light weight starter. It was fantastic and my only wish is that I had changed the starter earlier in my ownership of the plane!

    I'm a believer too!
    Chris L
    Sierra C24R

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