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Thread: Engine / Landing Light Upgrades

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    Engine / Landing Light Upgrades

    I don't believe there are any STCs available for the Sundowner for an engine upgrade. However, it is possible to do. You would have to do a STC or a one-time STC through your ACO. I was looking at doing the one-time STC for a propeller change for my airplane. The problem is, the requirements are the same as a full-blown STC, requiring a Noise DER signoff and a Flight Test DER sign off. So why bother? I think the easist and cheapest way to get 200 hp is to trade up to the Sierra. If you just want to improve performance, go for the PFS exhaust system.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

    Emery Capt <> wrote:
    I have an 1980 Sundowner with a 180hp engine with 1400 hours on the meter. Is it possible to up grade to a 200hp when it is time? Where do I reference the conversion information? What about placing a second landing light on the right wing?

    Thanks in advance as I am a new owner of N6708R.

    Emery Capt
    KOSA - Mt. Plesant Texas

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    Engine / Landing Light Upgrades

    --- In, Martin Vanover <b024700@...>
    If you just want to improve performance, go for the PFS exhaust

    *** Has anybody installed one of these yet? If so, could you give us
    a PIREP?

    - Jerry Kaidor

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    My PFS is on order, and has been since December, but they are not shipping for the Sundowner yet. The original delivery time frame was to be in February, but with the 19 problems, they have delayed everything. Last time I talked to them, best guess is 3 to 6 months. My baffles are pretty much shot, so I may have to just send this one off as a pipe dream.

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    Unless your A&P-IA is making it an issue, missing baffles pose no problems. Their primary purpose is to slightly reduce outside noise, and to transfer more heat to the shell (so your cabin heater works better). I have not found any authoritative source that shows the engine performance as being better with or without the baffles. Personal experience with a Sundowner that had missing baffles, and had a new muffler installed, implied that there was no difference either way. If I were you, I'd save the money and wait for the PFS. They are getting closer every week. They have encountered some surprises with fit issues between the newer-older airframes, and between the different engine variants. Right now they are awaiting feedback from the FAA on whether the needed collector changes will be accepted under the original STC, or whether they will have to obtain a new STC. We are all hoping for the former.

    Regarding the right wing taxi light: If your plane is pre-wired (you have a wire in each wingtip, and the switch is a center-off switch), you can add a LH taxi light very easily. You cut the hole (properly) in the LH bulkhead, put in the clip-nuts, hook up the bulb wires (including the added ground wire), install the bulb and retainer, and put the lens and wingtip back on.

    Installing the RH taxi light is very do-able; and legal with only a logbook entry (because it was a factory option). You need to have the Intercostal (sub-rib with bulkhead) and lens assembly, along with the bulb retainer and hardware. The hole must be properly located and cut in the wing, and the Intercostal riveted into place. This requires professional sheetmetal work. Whoever is standing there, about to cut a big hole in a perfectly good (end expensive) wing, needs to know what they are doing. If you need one, I think I have one RH Intercostal left, listed in BAC Classifieds.

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