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Thread: BAC Southern California Fly-in

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    BAC Southern California Fly-in

    The Southwest Region is holding a BAC Fly-in May 11-13, 2007 in Southern California with a destination at Fullerton Airport. We want to extend an invitation to all BAC members to take this opportunity to visit Southern California and meet other BAC members. Please extend the invitation to any Baby Beech friends who are not already members also.

    We have a barbecue planned for the Friday or earlier arrivals and want to get together on Saturday to share stories and maybe a more formal program if we can. A group dinner is being planned. Sunday is an open house at Fullerton Airport and there will be more to see.

    Bring the family as Disneyland is nearby, Venice Beach, Queen Mary, Universal Studios, etc. Let us know if you plan to attend, how many and what days.

    Jeanne Gurnees and Dan Jonas

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    Dan and Jeanne,

    I have, more or less, recovered from the house fire. Let me know (you can email me directly) how I can help.


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    Do you want me to bring the South Central banner again? Ha Ha!!! What do you think Jay? Just kidding sounds like lots of fun though.


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    South Central


    This is a fairly short flight for you and yes, bring the banner. I'm hpoing we can get a few northwest region people down and maybe we can make it a three banner event.

    Dan Jonas

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    Fly in

    Looking forward to meeting many BAC folks-We have been enjoying nice weather and if it hold true for the fly-in weekend, I can help coordinate transportation for family members that may want to visit the places Dan mentioned as well as beaches, Knotts Berry Farm...whatever! I will watch the boards if anyone wants to post any ideas.


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    Count me in! Sounds like fun, and I promise I won't flake out! (Like I did for Baja.)

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    Hmmmm, I just noticed Aopa says it's only 19 min to Catalina Island from Fullerton....

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    Arrrrgh! I can't believe it! I am out of town that entire fly in! Worse yet, east coast instead of west coast!

    I'm bummed!
    Chris L.

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    I usually trust AOPA, but if I recall the old song... Twenty Six miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a waitin' for me...

    I was in SoCal this week, and I agree about the weather. It's unfair - nobody deserves weather that nice in March. I'll see what I can do to join in. That would be at least one from the Northwest.


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    Fantastic Fly-in

    Well it just gets better and it is time to get this at and keep it on the home page. As Southwest RD I'm going to take credit for picking the right person to arrange this event. Our Southwest member Jeanne Gurnees has made plans for us that are above and beyond anything we might have expected.

    A three day fly-in at Fullerton Airport. Arrive on Friday, or earlier, and enjoy Southern California. We are planning a Beech Beach BBQ for the early arrivals. That's right, weather permitting (it is Southern California) a beach fire and barbecue for the Friday and earlier arrivals. A true Southern California experience.

    Saturday we have arranged a Wings seminar about flying in the L.A. Basin (pick up some wings credits). That's right....a Wings Seminar which will be published on the FAA web site, so make your plans early.

    We are also planning a spot landing contest for the same day. Maybe we should have a prize for first place and worst place. Start practicing now. Dinner plans for Saturday are being worked on.

    Sunday is an open house at Fullerton Airport so stick around to enjoy some of that before heading home. Antique aircraft and cars.

    Bring your family as there are plenty of local attractions to keep them busy. Have a good time, meet your fellow BAC pilots. You miss this one, you've missed a good one. If you can't fly in, you better drive in.

    Dan Jonas, Southwest RD / Jeanne Gurnees, BAC member extrodinaire

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