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Thread: FAA strikes again

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    FAA strikes again

    Hi All,

    As happens to us all (and now to me), the FAA has determined I have too few
    working parts to be issued a coveted medical this year, I have to sell my

    I'm listing on the BAC board for a couple weeks to keep it in the family but
    if there is no interest I'll post it on TAP. It's a well equipped (new HSI,
    GX-50 GPS, S-TEC auto pilot, etc), 1967 Super III with about 3000 hrs TTAF
    and 500 SMOH for $49,500.

    Email me at if your interested and I'll email you a
    pdf file with pictures and detailed specs.

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    My 76 Sundowner is N23TD. It looks to be issued at the factory. I was just curious when I saw yours at N24TD.

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