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    Welcome. I have the same model and love it. There isn't much to
    owning one of these except to correct people that it is not a
    Cherokee. The only real tip I could offer is land with a touch of
    power on, and that the knee and shock disc spindle pins actually have
    needle grease fittings on the ends and need to be greased, if they
    are painted over (normal) clean them out and grease them. Otherwise,
    the is a very good resource. I am a mechanic and
    thought that I would be wasting my money, but in the last month, I
    realized that the membership was money well spent. Almost everything
    you need is in there. Enjoy the plane, its a good one.


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    to joe

    actually have owned the super 111 for 2.5 years bought because it was cheap ?? compared to C and P. it is an excellent aeroplane far better
    than comparable competition , very good for short field performance I fly
    from 1500 feet grass strip can also fly from east coast to west coast 50 mins .Everybody at the local flying club have been very impressed with its performance.
    i always land with a touch of power . you are correct in the grease nipples
    are painted over.
    BAC seems an excellent club
    joe I like your paint job.

    (must get my tea and biscuits)



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