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Thread: Mid Atlantic Fly-In Saturday April 14

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    Mid Atlantic Fly-In Saturday April 14

    The first Mid Atlantic region fly-in of the year is Saturday April 14 at Ashe County Airport (KGEV). Gather around noon and head to Shatley Springs Inn for a "country style" meal. In order to arrange seating and transportation from the airport I need an idea of how many to expect. Please post if you plan to attend, and how many will travel with you. Deb and I look forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones.

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    I smell a contest!


    Did you post a fly-in for the same day the Northeast guys are having one?

    What a coincidence. April 14 at Barnes in Westfield, Massachusetts and April 14 at (what's that name again?).

    Is it possible that some bragging rights are brewing here? Most people? Most planes. Most BAC members?

    I'm sure that Steve Cote joins me in hoping for the highest combined weight of all participants. Maybe heaviest combined passenger load in BAC aircraft for those present at 11:11 am.

    Tom Corcoran
    "As usual, stirring things up."

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    Ann and I will be at KGEV and at least the Mid-Atlantic count will be close to accurate. Seems I recall a "doctored" photo of a Northeast fly-in a few years back. The ramp was literally filled with baby Beeches. However, upon further review, it appeared each airplane in attendance showed up three or four times in the photo.

    We must be assured the honorable Mr. Cote provides the final count as our lovable Tom "call me a swizzle stick" Corcoran may enhance the numbers!


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    Hey. Tom's in Marketing. Don't you watch commercials? Whadya expect?

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    Well, OK - looks like Corcoran and Cote are trying to make this a Mason-Dixon thing. I don't know about you, but I'd fly 500 miles NOT to see Cote do the hoochie-coochie!! But if you want an unforgetable meal at Shatley Springs, and the Southern Hospitality of North Carolina, fly to Ashe County.[/b]

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    If me and the plane are well by then I hope to attend but neither of us (plane nor me) can afford the change in weight and balance if I eat at Shatley SPrings !!

    Dr BIll
    76 SUndowner

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    Two weeks away from the Mid-Atlantic Region fly-in at Ashe County Airport (KGEV) Jefferson, NC. Saturday April 14, 2007 at noon. Lets hope for good weather and a big turn out. Please post to this thread if you plan to attend, to plan lunch seating and transportation.

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    REMINDER Mid-Atlantic region fly-in this coming Saturday at KGEV. (Jefferson NC) Arrive at noon. I have arranged transportation to Shatley Springs Inn for a great meal. P.S. - Don't eat much breakfast!

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    If I can get out of the snow, My wife and I will be there! It's still snowing here in N.E. Ohio.....

    Steve Nelson
    N18903 77 Sierra

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