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Thread: Changing Drain Valve Change in 8 seconds.

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    Changing Drain Valve Change in 8 seconds.

    On a recent post,I asked MM advice on changing a stuck drain valve in my
    Sierra. Joe Levine kindly referred me to Mike Rellihan's instructions how to repair them.

    Not having a hangar or shop,nor the specialized tools and materials
    described in the well illustrated pages of instruction,and not certain if my
    particular drain would be repairable,I opted in the end for a new drain
    replacement installed by my air maintenance shop.

    My mechanic removed the old and installed the new in exactly 8 seconds.
    Yes,seconds! The mechanic wrapped a rag around each arm just below his elbows,said "time me", unscrewed the drain with a long handled wrench,unscrewed the drain by hand as gas gushed out,and immediately screwed in the new drain as the gas flow slowed and stopped,and tightened it carefully then with the wrench. He said the only trick was "not to tighten it too tight".

    I guess he had done this a lot of times.

    Cost of the part was $351.00,plus shipping. I still am not sure if my old drain is servicable, but it is available gratis if someone needs one and wants to give it a try.

    Ray Griffin '74 Sierra C-GTTW

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    Changing Drain Valve Change in 8 seconds

    Now you know how we mechanics avoid draining the fuel tanks. Not a fun job pumping out the tank. I lose less than a quart on Mooneys. It might be worth while to save that valve for the next leak. Then have the mechanic rebuild that one just before changing it, so the rubber will be new. Save that $300 next time, all for a 25cent o ring and 5 minutes of labor. Besides, its usually just some crud in the fuel tank that keeps the valve from completely closing rather than a cracking o ring.
    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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    Changing Drain Valve Change in 8 seconds.

    The EIGHT SECOND repair.

    I have been telling Casey (my A&P) he should work faster. This proves it.

    Let's see... 8 seconds is 1/450 of an hour. At $80 per hour your labor cost
    was 18 cents... and the part was over $300. Usually it is the other way

    Tom Corcoran, Boston, C23

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