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Thread: Paint shops?

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    Paint shops?

    Does anyone know where a good paint shop is that has a reasonable price? The one I have contacted started at $9,000.00

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    Paint shops?

    Considering the EPA hassles and the huge amount of work required to
    properly strip/etch/alodine/prime/paint/stripe a plane, in many parts of
    the country that is a realistic price, or even a LOW price.

    Those owners that have actually painted a plane would probably say that
    they should have worked at their day job and let the pros do it.

    That said, what part of the country are you in? Prices vary by region due
    to the local costs of doing business, the labor rates, etc.

    Prices ranging from ~$6200- $10,000+ are what I have seen recently.

    Bob Steward
    Birmingham, AL

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    Paint shops?

    The Legends Aircraft Refurbishing at Aiken, SC did mine in May 2005 and was comparable with the $9,000 figure you were quoted plus they did an excellent job! Their email is _www.legendsinc@bellsouth.net_
    ( . or talk to Cliff Sims at 803/648-9571.

    John McChesney

    Look at my aircraft(which is by the way for sale) at _www.1979Sundowner.com_

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    Paint shops?


    Try Sky Harbour Aircraft - Goderich, Ontario - CYGD They have an excellent reputation for quality.
    You can get a quote online at:


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    I stripped and painted my Sundowner several years ago. I used Jet glow and the expensive primer that goes with it. I changed the windows as well. I was pleased with the end results but the cost was over $5000 by the time I was finished. Next time I'll pay the going rate. Its worth every penney. $9000 doesnt sound out of line.

    John Amundsen
    Winter Haven

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    Paint shops?

    Don't remember the name, but there is a shop in Arkansas that some of
    our customers have gone to that do fantastic work, and a good price
    because the cost of living is low, and the EPA has not killed them yet.
    I'll have to ask my boss if he remembers the name.


    Rellihan: A BAC search on 'paint shop' provides several references. Here is a link to one Forum Topic page:

    There used to be a paint shop in Mena, AR that had a good reputation (as well as a good engine shop).

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    Paint shops?

    I don't know the name but I think it is at Mena, AR

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    Paint shops?

    A check of AirNav shows: Mena Aircraft Painting

    (479) 243-9995

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    I can personally recommend the shop listed below...if they are still in business. They painted my Sierra in 2002. The cost then was $6,900 with new wing root seals, new seal for the dorsal, and sealing around all the windows. The owner's name is Richard Chaput. They did an excellent job on my plane with a 5 year warranty using Akzo Nobel paint. It has as much shine as Jet glow and supposedly lasts longer. Anyway he flew me home when I delivered my plane to him and he came and picked me up when it was ready. It was delivered as promised. I've seen several planes locally (GTR) that he painted and did the interior work on and they all looked great.

    Tri-D Upholsterers
    1421 Al Highway 14, Elmore, AL 36025, (334) 285-5456

    Mike Earrey

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    Paint shops?

    The message repeating is going on in the other yahoo group I belong to,
    the Peugeot-L list has been hicoughing badly.

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