>I have noticed that the mixture on my 0360-a4k travels a very short
>distance before cut off perhaps only 1 inch at the throttle panel. We
>have checked the carb for the movement stop to stop and it appears
>correct can anyone shed some light on how to make the mixture travel
>farther before beginning to try and kill me. Thanks David Tudor.

The cable may not be rigged correctly. Check that the mixture control arm
hits the stops at full rich and at idle cut-off. The mixture control cable
should have at least 1/8" of cushion at the panel when the mixture is full
rich. (Space where the knob won't go all the way to the panel.)

I've not had this problem on the HA-6 carburetor on the O-360-A4K (or M or J).

Does the engine die before you get the mixture all the way back to the
stop? You may have an internal carburetor problem and the mixture may be
too lean at all flight operations (problems at full throttle...) and not
know it.

Bob Steward, A&P IA
Birmingham, AL