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Thread: Southeast Region

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    Southeast Region

    The Southeast region hosted its first event in Pell City this past weekend. Even though the weather kept many away, we did have a few that made it through the clouds. Great food and discussions were had.

    I encourage all those in the region to email me at about any ideas, concerns, etc. I hope we have an active year of many gatherings. If you want to help host any of these or would like to add events, please let me know. Hosting is very simply the arranging with the FBO for arrivals and hopefully gas discounts, rental cars as needed, and hotel discounts for weekend events. Most of the time this can be arranged with a few calls and you are done. Would love to have members in each state hosting events.

    Here are some ideas for some Southeast events.
    PLR – Pell City, AL – Sammy's Touch and Go – Hosted by Tom Kinstler
    LAL – Lakeland, FL – Sun-n-Fun Fly-In –
    May 19th - FFC – Peachtree City, GA – 5th Annual Musketeer Falcon Field Fly-in/Aircraft Spruce Super Sale – (free lunch to all) - hosted by Doug Muse

    May 26th - K22 - Big Sandy Regional (free lunch to BAC members) - hosted by Brad Mitchell
    June 2nd - JKA - Gulf Shores, AL - Lulu's restaurant (free lunch to BAC members) - hosted by Tom Kinstler
    June 16th - 2I3 - Rough River State Park (free lunch to BAC members) - hosted by Brad Mitchell
    June 30th - 5R4 – Foley, AL – Lambert’s Cafι ( – (free lunch to BAC members) - hosted by Doug Muse
    July 14th - OWB - Owensboro - (free lunch to BAC members) - hosted by Brad Mitchell
    July 28th - CHA – Chattanooga, TN - (free lunch to BAC members) - hosted by Doug Muse
    August 11th - M34 - Kentucky Dam State Park (free lunch to BAC members) - hosted by Brad Mitchell
    August 31st-September 3rd - Bahamas at Staniel Cay - hosted by Doug Muse with Air Journey
    September 15-16 - AAF - Apalachicola, FL - great seafood and Gibson Inn ( - hosted by Doug Muse
    September 22-23 - NQA - Millington, TN - Sep. - Midsouth Airshow with Snowbirds and Blue Angles - - hosted by Tom Kinstler
    October 6 - THA – Tullahoma, TN – combined events (tour of Jack Daniels Factory in Lynchburg & of Beechcraft Staggerwing Museum) – hosted by ?
    October 17th-21st - CRE - North Myrtle Beech, SC - BAC Fest 2007
    November ?? - SAV – Savannah, GA – relaxing weekend of shopping, sights, and food – hosted by ?
    November ?? - PIM – Pine Mt, GA – relaxing weekend at Callaway Gardens – hosted by Doug Muse
    December ?? - CDK – Cedar Key, FL – relaxing weekend on a very famous island featured in the Sporty’s videos – hosted by ?
    December ?? - EYW – Key West, FL – relaxing long weekend at Key West – hosted by Doug Muse

    Lunch events:
    4R9 - Dauphin Island - Hosted by ?
    17FL – Greystone, FL – Jumbolair Brunch – where John Travolta lives – held first Sunday each month –

    Day/Weekend events:
    CHA – Chattanooga, TN – (June) RiverBend Music Festival in June (must book EARLY) –
    GIF - near Polk City, FL - Fantasy of Flight ( - hosted by ?
    HEZ - Natchez, MS - Antebellum homes and antiques - hosted by ?

    Airshow events:
    GZH - Evergreen, AL - Oct. – EAA Southeast Regional Fly-In –
    FFC – Peachtree City, GA - Oct. – Great Georgia Airshow –

    Blue Angels Show – any location -
    Thunderbirds Show – any location -

    Please provide feedback if you would like to see any event in a particular month or season. Let's get these on the calendar. Feedback on when would be helpful.

    Southeast Director

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    $???? Hamburger

    Went to Sammys at PLR (Pell City Alabama) again for lunch today - had 25 airplanes parked in front at noon. Along with the C and P brands, as well as various homebuilts, there were 5 T-6s, a Stearman, and a P51-D Mustang. If in a Sundownwer, its called a $100 hamburger, what would you call (what number would you use after the dollar sign) for a Saturday hamburger run in a Mustang?

    If anyone wants to meet there on a Saturday in May - June, let me know and see if we can find a compatible date

    Tom K

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    Our next event is coming up on May 19th. This is the annual Falcon Field event and Aircraft Spruce Super Sale. We expect a large turnout to this annual event and will be parking again as a group to the far left of the FBO building near the fence line. I will have a vehicle present to taxi back and forth with all the purchases. Aircraft Spruce will be serving hotdogs again this year.

    Brad is getting Kentucky covered with events. Time to focus also on another state, Alabama. Here are three events I would like to see also in June & July (maybe August if not enough weekends):

    PLR - 2nd lunch at Sammy's
    5R4 - Foley, AL - lunch at Lambert's Cafe
    JKA - Gulf Shores, AL - lunch at Lulu's
    4R9 - Dauphin Island - (removed due to hurricane damage)

    Any suggestions for dates would be greatly appreciated. We can then move to GA and FL for August and September moving back to TN and KY for the Fall leaves in September to November. Also, the Bahamas Labor Day weekend has been booked on the calendar. Maybe our members and potential members in the islands could join us at Staniel Cay on Exumas island. In December, we could head to the Southern most point of Key West.

    Please send me a message or email to on dates, suggestions, etc.

    Tail winds,

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    Orbiting Earth Left the Solar System
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    Jul 2004
    Just outside Nawlins

    Used to be a favorite place to fly to for lunch.

    Katrina didn't leave any place to get a decent meal.

    Would be OK if you wanted to go picnic on the beach.

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    What about the Gulf Shores area?


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    Orbiting Earth Left the Solar System
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    Jul 2004
    Just outside Nawlins

    I read something about Lulu's in some flying rag that I picked up at the airport. Sounds interesting. Run by Jimmy Buffet's little sister. Have not been there but have considered it. If I make it over there I'll report back. Or if there's enough forethought I'll post something and we can all experiment together.

    Still want to do Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS some time this summer. That's in your region too.

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    OK Cloyd... "book and we will come"... put both on the calendar and we can get "double PT points" for those booked by the Pres. Right?


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    Orbiting Earth Left the Solar System
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    Jul 2004
    Just outside Nawlins
    Maybe we'll move the Third Annual BAC Birthday Bash from 1L0 to Jack Edwards and go to Lulu's.

    But that might be crowded on the Fourth of July.

    And I'd have to transport the birthday cake.

    Let me look at the calendar and see what we can do.

    I may call Ground Zero and ask if there's anything special going on during the summer.

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    I expect to be in Gulf Shores within the next two weeks, maybe this weekend, so will check it out and get back to you then. I may also try to get over to Dauphin Island to see if anything for us.

    In the meantime you could look at:

    On the website, they have a real-time cam, so you can at least see a little bit of the place, as well as the menu. The restaurant is on the ICW near the airport. I'll get a car on the appointed day, and do the shuttle to/from airport, and will also send an inquiry to lulus to see about how they can handle a flyin crowd.

    Tom Kinstler
    Springville, AL

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    Next Saturday (19th) is the big Falcon Field fly-in in Peachtree City (a little south of Atlanta). This is also the same day as the annual Aircraft Spruce Spring sale. See link for a coupon

    Free food, great prizes, lots of vendors, and SALES!

    When you arrive, please park toward the right along the fence line. Let's have a big crowd for a lot of fun.


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