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Thread: Door latching

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    I have a bunch of very fuzzy pix of my door pin/striker. The tapered type. I have seen some on early airplanes that look like they had crude pins added by Rube Goldberg. No striker plate, just holes in the door frame with a bolt shank in the door. This could be an Owner-Produced Part if you already have some type of pin and an existing hole in the door frame that is close to where it should be. Adding a striker plate and a tapered pin should be a minor alteration. The tapered pin is a straight slot screw with a tapered bushing under the head. If you need some pictures, I'll take some better ones and get them to you.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    Thanks Marty, I did see your pictures from a different post when I was searching so that's how I know what it looks like. Yeah I have the crude Rube Goldberg version. I was thinking about trying to owner produce the later pin and plate but thought I'd at least give Rube another shot at latching first.


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    the pieces of aluminum that is inside the door jamb is about 3/4 of an inch wide and 2 inches tall. Would not be hard to replace instead of buying through Beech. there is alot of information about the door hinges here. the Beech supplied hinges open up and even though the previous owner of my plane replaced the pilot side hinge, I had to have it redone. Rellihan had a replacement hinge which has worked alot better, and with a good body and sheet metal worker, I was able to get a great fit and a great seal. the parts for this are not that expensive, but the labor was. To bad I am all thumbs when it comes to metal work. Good Luck,

    Rick Spann

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    The main thing that causes the door hinges to wear is leaning on the door as you get out of the plane. Once I consiously stopped touching the door as I get out I stopped having problems with the door hinge.
    Jack Becker
    Orcas Is.

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    Thanks for the info. Yeah the door is a tempting thing to lean on, I try not to but probably have. I was able to sneak a borescope in to look at the pin in the closed position, it seems like the pin doesn't line up all that well with the hole in the jamb. So the angle of the tip of the pin needs some work to let the first bit of engagement draw the pin into the hole. Should be fixable, it will just take some work. I will post pics if I get it sorted out.


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    Leaving the door open on start up is also hard on hinges.


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    Beech says $325 per guide pin and 3 month lead time. The guy said they have them in stock so not sure why it would take so long. I imagine they'll have them in stock for a while at that price. Does anyone have a pin and plate that could be measured up and reproduced as owner-produced part? Anyone else interested in getting these? Don't think I can make more than one but I could at least get the dimensions. Seems like about anyone could fabricate them. If not I will work on Rube.



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