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Thread: A change to the 337 process

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    A change to the 337 process

    Along with my freshly renewed IA certificate, I got in the mail today a letter from the FSDO detailing the changes to the IA renewal process (every 2 years instead of every year starting this year), and a notice that now 337s are to be mailed DIRECTLY to Oklahoma City, rather than back to the FSDO.

    This isn't really significant IMHO, because I have never had a FSDO inspector kick back a 337 that I filed. I have heard of it happening to others, but I'm not sure that the original intent was to have the FSDO inspector breathing down your neck and inspecting the paperwork for repairs and alterations that have ALREADY been approved.

    In any case, there is even MORE need to request the data on your plane to make sure that your mechanics (and all those previous to your ownership) have filed copies of the 337s for all STCs, etc.

    From Apr 1 2007 on, there will be no review at the FSDO level. It looks to me as though they are just going to scan them into the record, and shred them at OKC.

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

    I betcha that this also means that if your A&P-IA thinks your Rosen visor install needs an informational 337 on file, as opposed to just a log entry, that the form would just sail into the aircraft file in Ok City. Ditto for any other similar changes that are being recorded on a 337 for some reason, but are not really major changes requiring field approval (due to one reason or another). This may also be a back-door means for the FAA to create a more consistent handling policy for informational 337s. - Rellihan

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    A change to the 337 process

    Hi Bob,
    Aren't they also going to electronic filing?

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